Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Exquisite Ends Virgin Brazilian Straight Weft Hair

This hair was sent to me from I was sent the virgin brazilian straight hair in lengths 18", 20", and 2 24" all in a natural unprocessed color.

With this hair I created another U part wig using approx 3 3/4 packs of hair. Only the 18" bundle was cut and I received very minimal shedding despite not sealing any of the wefts. I did bleach and color the hair as you saw in the video. To my surprise the ends did not matte up or look overly dry!!! The ends looks just as good as they looked prior to coloring! Unfortunately the color did not turn out the way I wanted it to look, I was going for a more reddish auburn color, but its not to big of an issue for me!

I have been wearing this hair for going on 3 weeks now and it is still in PERFECT condition. Ive washed the hair so far 2 times and it is still very silky soft to the touch! When bleaching hair I am very particular about what the hair looks like after being altered so I invested in products that will help correct any issues with dryness, but with this hair, I really didn't need it!

Pros: Great quality, very inexpensive, all cuticles are alive and facing the same direction, silky soft, blendable with African American relaxed hair, received very minimal shedding, no tangling what so ever (yet), holds curls for days, wefts are very sturdy yet is easy to push sewing needle threw, bundles are all 100 grams, full of luster.

Cons: Bearding is a little all over the place but it could have been because the way the hair was bundled together, I didn't notice anything with the bearding after hair was installed.

Rating: 9.5
Would I recommend this hair?
Absolutely!! Especially during the back to school sale!    

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Rpgshow Cls024-s Ashanti Wig

Hey ladies! So, I was given this unit to review from
The unit I received is the Cls024-s the infamous Ashanti wig! The color is a gorgeous ombre two-toned (1b on top which graduates into a soft deep red 99j/burgundy color) It is 20" long with soft layers down the front, glueless full lace wig cap, yaki texture, light brown lace and a cap size small.
I absolutely LOVE this unit. OMG, I can not get enough of it!! Ive gotten sooo many compliments!!! The texture of this unit feels so natural like healthy relaxed African American hair. It has a very natural density. The hairline is pretty decent, however, I usually correct mine to make it look more natural. All in all, this is one gorgeous unit. By far my favorite from Rpgshow :)

**Will Update After 2 weeks of wear**

Sunday, July 28, 2013

LIVE! Unprocessed Brazilian Virgin Remy Hair

This hair was sent to me from I received the Natural Wave texture in lengths 14", 16" and 18 inches. The color is a natural unprocessed color which is equivalent to a #1b or a dark #2 which blended flawlessly in with my color #2 relaxed hair.

Is one pack enough to achieve a full look???
I would have to say it depends on the person! For me, I wanted a little more hair, for the simple fact that I LOVE big hair, now, if you're are into settle, natural appearing hair that isn't Chaka Khan BIG or stripper LONG, then this Live hair would be a remarkable investment, not to mention that it only costs $119.00 at!! Use a closure or pull out a decent amount of hair if you would like the hair to be a little more fuller!

So far I have only wore this hair a few times, and surprisingly received a ton of compliments, not sure if it was from the ombre look or the hair itself! I totally recommend this hair for budgeted individuals like myself who desires a decent quality hair, that is going to last easily for months, looks good, and wont run your wallet dry!

As far as the quality of the hair goes...I really cant remember if I received an unusual amount of shedding, which is a good thing, because whatever we tend to remember, either has a positive or a negative impact...I simply don't recall seeing any! The hair is very soft, much like a light yaky texture. The cuticles are still attached (hence the term remy) however I can easily tell that the cuticles are damaged and/or are dead at the tips of the hair. I cant stress enough CONDITION CONDITION CONDITION, then top it off with argan oil!!!! You'll thank me later!! The hair does tangle, so be prepared to carry a comb or paddle brush with you! With water, the natural wave texture pops right back, spray with a little water to define your curls!

Pros: Very Affordable, achieve a full look with one pack, takes bleaching very nicely, hold curls for days, natural wave pattern does not come off looking frizzy like some virgin hair, wefting is exceptionally neat, hair is very soft and manageable, and did I say its VERY affordable!!!

Cons: Tangles a little more the some virgin hair, hair a good amount of grey hairs, the ends comes off looking dry with too much flat ironing and curling, to some it may not be enough hair (this isn't really a con though)

Rating: 7

Would I recommend this hair??

Will I ever purchase this hair again??

Thursday, July 25, 2013

DivasWigs Curly Glueless Full Lace Wig Human Indian Remy

Okay, so I was sent this unit to review from for my honest opinions!
This wig I received was their Curly/Silky, glueless, full lace wig, in 20", color 1b, light brown lace, cap size small.
This unit has deep water waves which didn't look too curly like the in stock photo. It also had some unprocessed hairs that I had to cut off. I took a photo of the hair after I brushed out a portion using a paddle brush hoping to achieve a more natural curl/wave pattern however, the hair loss it definition and just looked straight and frizzy. I had to re-condition it so the curls could bounce back. Water alone didn't do it.

**Review Will Be Available Soon**

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Sleek Hair Store Virgin Malaysian Extensions

Will update soon!

Owigs Indian Remy Silky Wavy Extensions

These hair extensions comes by way of
I have the Indian remy deep wavy hair in color #1b. With this hair I constructed a U part wig with a lace closure, my very first one. Together I used 3 bundles of hair and a closure ranging in lengths 20", 18" 16" and a 16" closure. This hair was originally in the silky wavy texture in which I enhanced by adding supple waves using my Sultra Bombshell Rod curling iron.

So far Ive been wearing this hair for going on 2 weeks now, and the quality is to die for! Its not to often you get hair that remains voluminous, and lustress yet is still very silky, flowy and soft. This hair appears to be something that will last a very long time and I cant wait manipulate it to my desire.

Pros: Soft, full of luster, silky, didn't receive a lot of shedding, converts back to original texture once wet, easily can be curled, curls held up and didn't drop throughout the course of the day, wefts are very sturdy, bearding wasn't too full, color is exact, and hair measured to the exact stated lengths.

Cons: Closure to too dense, knot were not pre bleached, hair on the closure didnt really convert back after being washed, wefts seems "shorter" in length meaning I dont know if they weighed them, or just cut them all the same lengths.

Rating: 7.0

Will I recommend this hair to a friend?

Of course! This hair is extremely affordable, great quality,  and does everything that virgin can do plus more! Love it!!


Sunday, April 14, 2013

Creme of Nature's 100% Pure Argan Oil & Perfect 7

Yes, yet another post on my favorite hair care products from Creme of Nature!!! So, I was sent the 100%Pure Argan Oil, as well as the Perfect 7 Leave in Conditioner. I must say, the very first day it arrived in the mail, I tested a bit of the Perfect 7 on my hair, and way so thrilled by the results, I quickly gathered my filming equipment together, and instantly went into filming a tutorial using the products, thats how excited I was when the leave in absorbed into my hair like butter on a biscuit!! Lol

Here is some information regarding these products...
100% Pure Argan Oil
100% Pure Argan Oil with our acclaimed fragrance is an all natural, multi-purpose beauty treatment that helps to retain moisture, renew and revitalize hair, scalp and skin, while adding instant shine and protecting against damage. Argan Oil is a rare, precious and moisturizing oil used for centuries as a beauty treatment in Morocco. Extracted in pure form, the lightweight daily moisturizer has absolutely zero synthetics, fillers, mineral oil or parabens.

Benefits of Argan Oil
  • Naturally rich in Vitamin E & great source of antioxidant
  • Zero fillers, mineral oil, parabens & sulfates
  • Lightweight daily moisturizer for hair & skin
  • Promotes healthy hair & gives Exotic Shine
  • Beauty treatment for healthy, radiant, youthful looking skin
  • Hair care treatment for damaged hair & split ends
  • Nourishes weak nails & softens dry cuticles
Perfect 7 is an 7-N-1 leave-in treatment mask for beautiful, healthy hair with Exotic Shine. This product is perfect for all hair textures and gives relaxed, natural and color-treated hair instant health and beauty while reducing the need for multiple hair care products. The innovative rich, creamy formula contains Argan Oil from Morocco, and conditioning agents such as, Pro-Vitamin B-5, Silk Amino Acids so you can achieve shinier, smoother and silkier hair.
7 Benefits of Perfect 7
  • Detangles & Conditions
  • Heat Protection
  • Breakage Defense
  • Controls Frizz
  • Moisturizes Dry Hair
  • Prevents Split Ends
  • Adds Exotic Shine 
How I used each product (On Relaxed Hair)
After shampooing and conditioning with Moisture & Shine Shampoo and Intensive Conditioning Treatment, I allowed my hair to air dry for about 45 minutes, before applying the Perfect 7. Parting my hair into 2 sections, I sprayed a nice amount into my hands and evenly distributed the product onto my hair and scalp. Next I sealed in the moisture by adding 1 full droppler of the Pure Argan Oil onto my hair and scalp. Carefully I combed to detangle, then blew dried my hair.
After my hair was completely dry, normally I would then flat iron my hair, but I opted out because of how nice and flowy it was. So then, I preped my hair for a partial braid out (for a wig). I applied more of the Perfect 7 the that area, again using the Pure Argan Oil to seal in the moisture and to add shine, braided my hair and setted it with a curl rod, then allowed it to sit overnight.
I continued on a few days later, removing the braid, and I was so pleased with the results!! So soft, perfect definition, great amount of healthy luster, OMG, I was so satisfied! My hair blended so well with my wig, you couldn't even tell where my hair began and ended! Loved it!!

How I used each product (On Natural Hair)
After shampooing and conditioning using Creme of Nature Moisture and Shine Shampoo and the Intensive Conditioning Treatment. I applied the Perfect 7 Leave-In Treatment on my damped hair and detangled. One thing that I noticed is that it detangled my hair effortlessly making my hair shaft very smooth. I then applied the Pure Moroccan Oil (2 full drops) into my entire head then sectioned my hair. On Med High heat, I blew out my hair! My hair had so much body, Shine, movement, softness and moisture.  It also felt very airy and flowy! That goes to show that the Pure Moroccan Oil penetrates the hair nicely and doesn't weigh it down. Also, the SMELL!!! Omg, I want a body lotion in this scent! Smells so vanillay and warm! For style, I twisted out my hair using Creme of Nature's Foaming Wrap Lotion. My ending results first hand was SHINY and SOFT! It also felt thoroughly moisturized. However, I find that I have to reapply a moisturizer to my hair a lot due to it feeling dried out in colder climates. But one thing Ive found helpful is sleeping with a shower cap every other night! It works wonders! All in all, I really love the entire Argan Oil line!

100% Pure Argan Oil:  Lightweight, pure, contains no added harsh ingredients or fillers, does has an added nice scent, can be used on the hair, scalp and skin, gives an healthy shin, nicely seals in moisture when used with an moisturizer.
Perfect 7: Very lightweight, give several benefits for numerous styles and hair types, smell nice, Can be used as a heat protectant, gives off an abundance of a healthy shine, moisturized dry hair.
100% Pure Argan Oil: Can waste a bit of product due to the bottle design, once my hands had product in them, the bottle and droppler became slippery, and I spilled quite a bit a few occasions, just be cautious of that.
Perfect 7: Once I had product in my hands, the bottle became a bit tough to use, couldnt take full control over the spray button, ended up taking the top off and just poured the product into my hands, maybe a squeeze bottle with a nozzle or a "Lotion Pump" like bottle may have worked better for the Perfect 7. Other then that, product can dry out throughout the day, and texture may not last before becoming a bit frizzy.

Would I recommend this product? Absolutley!

Caution PLEASE READ!!! 4/16/2013
Funny yet serious situation. Elise and myself experienced a crazy situation. We both were getting these crazy cuts on our fingers (Index and thumb) we couldn't quite figure out where it was coming from until we found the source. The Pure Argan Oil bottle. Right beneath the gold rim. It has a razor sharp edge which left cuts on our fingers while we were twisting the bottle open. Yes, we bled and it hurt. 
PLEASE BE CAUTIOUS AND CAREFUL!!! We will speak with the company about this incident. Hopefully our bottle was just defective. Again, be careful if you have the product already!

Saturday, March 30, 2013

RpgShow Cls021-s Kim Kardashian

This unit was sent to me for review from All opinions and statements are all 100% honest.
The unit I received was the cls021-s Kim Kardashian.
I have mines in the color #2 which looks identical to the #1b that I already have. The texture is in silky, Cap construction #3 (Glueless Cap with 3 combs and adjustable strap), 20" long, Light brown lace, cap size 1 (small). This unit has chunky layers which makes it easier to style. I styled mines without cutting it at all!
This unit is very soft and gorgeous. However, it is very thin. Not sure what the density is on this unit but it seems lighter than a 100%. My suggestion is that you Co-Wash the hair then blow dry it using a blow dryer. Doing that made my unit more voluminous.  Also add big loose curls so its not so limp.

**Review Will Be Available After 2-3 Weeks Of Wear**

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Model Model Invisible Part 3/4 Wig Yutoya

This unit came from
I have my unit in the color #2 which looks more like a 1b!
The texture of this hair is a course, natural, tight spiral curl. About 12" in length. Very volumous and full however, light weight and breathable.
There is 3 clips. 2 are located on the temple area and 1 is on the crown. There is no combs in the back or drawstring which is strange. Just the adjustable straps however its very large on my head. So make sure to adjust the straps and use bobby pins for extra security.
So far, this unit has gotten really big but not uncontrollable. It looks natural so everyone thinks its in fact my own hair. BUT.....Its tangled A LOT! One thing about Model Model Hair is that no matter what I do, it always seems to tangle quicker than other brands! The nape area is also matted up pretty badly. However, I am still wearing the wig because its not super noticeable.
All in all, I think this wig may last the average wig wearer about 2 weeks if you are trying to maintain a "perfect twist-out" look. After a while it does begin to get bigger and create a different form/shape. So if you don't mind that, it should last about a month. I will update again once I have stop wearing this unit for a more accurate estimate.

PROS: Natural style, comfortable, easy to blend, light weight, nice texture, versatile, gorgeous curls, soft.

CONS: Cap size too big, needs a drawstring or nape comb, tangles a lot, mattes a lot at the nape area, too dark for color specified, has a shiny look to it, doesn't last that long, sheds, gets frizzy.

Rating: 7

Will I purchase this unit again? Hmm...Let me wear it a little longer and I will update. I love the style, but it has a few doosies...

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Red Carpet Premier Super Aviana Braid Lace Front

I picked up the unit from I received this unit in color #99J. This lace front wig is approx a 28" mermaid braid that can also be worn unbraided as 33" loose beach wave/curls That can be flat ironed up to about 320 degree (I am assuming...since the packaging does not specify specific temperature withstands, but it does indicate that it is future fiber) This unit has about an inch and a half if lace parting space, 3 combs in the front, 1 comb and adjustable straps in the back.

Ive wore this wig one time (via my video review) and to be honest, I am kinda afraid to wear her out LOL solely based on the fact that for one, I attempted to step out of the box and try color, keep in mind, that I am usually Ms Plain Jane when it comes to color, two, this unit measures unstretched 33" unbraided, and three, this hair is some big ol WILD ass hair LOL, its gonna definitely take some getting used to, as I will probably purchase this wig again but maybe in a standard color to feel alright ;-) I did decide to spray my wig down with a little water, and rub it with my V05 moisture milk conditioner. Doing that helped give me a more defined wave pattern opposed to a more messy beach wave, which is also kinda cute, but not for me.

PROS: Looks very trendy and celebrity inspired, doesnt have a harsh synthetic look, has a decent amount of parting space, is very versatile, very light weight, color selections are countless, flat iron friendly overall is a very pretty wig!

CONS: Tangles badly if you're not careful when taking down the mermaid braid, braided style comes off looking a bit bulky, and ugly in my opinion, hair tangled upon finger combing, can look a bit frizzy and stringy without moisture i.e. water, cap fits a little snug and can become uncomfortable to some, hair feels slightly rough to the touch, got a few strands of shedded hair.

Rating: 6.5

Will I recommend this wig? Umm, yeah to a certain degree...If you love SUPER long, full hair, you would LOVE this one, if not, I suggest you keep it moving!!

Sassy Secret U-Part Lace Wig

This unit comes from The unit I received is u part lace wig Jamille in a color #1b. This unit is 20". 100% indian remy spanish wave hair that has been processed into a light yaky straight texture.

I have been wearing this unit have for about a week and have received tons of compliments! This hair strongly mimics african american relaxed hair to the "T" So fair I have not noticed any flaws within the hair other then the fact that it may come off looking a bit "fake" due to the texture that has been added for mimic sake. I do look forward to continue wearing this unit pieces!

Pros: Soft, mimics relaxed african american hair, no tangling or matting thus far, easy and quick unit, lays flat giving it a realist appearance, no shedding thus far, and baby hair along the perimeter, giving it a realistic appearance.

Cons: Due to the density that I have received, it comes off looking a bit too thin, the lace aroung the u-part becomes very "flimsy" and can get "tucked" under the actual u-part opening if you're not careful, texture added to mimic african american relaxed hair can come off looking a bit fake like high quality future fibers.

UPDATE: I so far have shampooed and conditioned this unit using my Loreal Power Moisture Hydraulic shampoo and conditioner as well as I ombred the hair. This unit still is in great condition, leading my to believe that there is nothing fake and phony about this hair! Video will be up soon!  

Rate: 8.0

Would I recommend this unit? Yes! It is a bit pricy in my opinion, but you will not be disappointed.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Jass Original Kit

I received these hair care products from Jass Within this kit, you will receive the Peppermint Clarifying Shampoo Intense Moisture Treatment Fortifying Leave-In Treatment and Detangling Spray and also the Shining Lite Spray. Please read below for an detailed description and benefits for each product.

 Peppermint Clarifying Shampoo
 Ultimate Cleansing With Tea Tree Oil Formulated with Tea Tree oil to help thoroughly cleanse and penetrate each hair shaft. Removes excess oils and product build-up with a rich lather. Helps strengthen hair. Invigorates and stimulates the scalp leaving it with a cool sensation. Conditions and maintains healthy hair and scalp. Paraben free.

 Intense Moisture Treatment
Vanilla Bean Deep Conditioner An innovation in the science of hair nourishment. Wheat Protein, Jojoba Oil, Keratin, Calendula and Geranium repair, condition, soften and add shine to hair. Free of Parabens Sodium-Chloride.

 Fortifying Leave-In Treatment
 Detangling Spray Smooth, Strengthen, Protect UV Protectant Formulated with botanical extracts thistles light weight leave-in detangler conditions, adds body and maintains healthy scalp. Pro-vitamin B% Adds Shine and Conditions. Wheat Amino Acids Strengthen Aloe & Chamomile are Soothing UV protectant helps color from fading. Paraben Free

 Shining "Lite" Spray Spray
 An instant brillant shine. It adds clear shine to dry or dull hair, smooths down frizzy or fried ends and dries clear without a trace. This an Alcohol-Oil free formula that never weighs hair down. It also has protective sun-filters to help prevent sun damage.

 How I used these Products:

 Firstly I shampooed with The Peppermint Clarifying Shampoo, I did "2" washes to initially pre-cleanse the hair, and 2nd to remove all existing product and build up from the scalp. This shampoo adds a cool, refreshing feeling to the scalp, and has a light lather leaving your hair completely cleans, and striped of all moisture! to regain that moisture, it is important to use the Intense Moisture Treatment...

 Next I conditioned using the Intense Moisture Treatment. I applied a generous amount, focusing on my ends and new-growth. This treatment has very thick and rich consistency and requires a very tedious rinse to remove all access product. I did have to rinse really using my fingertips to remove left over residue from my scalp. The vanilla bean scent is to die for. When I applied the conditioner to my hair, instantly my hair drank it all up! I let the treatment sit on my hair for about an hour, then rinsed it out.

 After conditioning, I then prepped my hair for blow drying by generously spritzing the hair with the Fortifying Leave In Treatment. This products was my favorite! I gave my shine, strength and a smooth flowy finish while easily allowing me to detangle without losing a whole lot of hair. This product can be used alone, or with a thermal heat protector. Check out Jass Karatin Serum for a great heat protector! At this point, you are done, but if you want a more sleek finish add a few spritz of the Shining Lite Spray.

 Lastly, I sprayed my hair with the Shining Lite Spray, and flat ironed my hair. This spray is light-weight giving my hair a nice a natural sheen, Has a sweet candy like scent and dis not weigh my hair down. Do make sure not to over do it like I did :-b

 I have only used these products 1 time, and have not noticed any "Harsh" results. I will continue using the products and will update you guys on any progress or findings...

Peppermint Clarifying Shampoo- Rich, Nice cool sensation on the scalp, Nice light lather, very cleansing.
Intense Moisture Treatment- Thick in consistency, moisturizing, yummy scent, adds shine and softness.
Fortifying Leave-In Treatment Detangling Spray- Adds strength and shine to my hair, detangles hair easily and nicely, has a coconut like scent, can be used as a thermal guard.
Shining Lite Spray- Doesn't weigh hair down, gives a superior shine, smells nice.

Peppermint Clarifying Shampoo- Strips the hair of everything (Which is the point of clarifying) contains alcohol that is also harsh to the hair.
Intense Moisture Treatment- Left a annoying residue on my hair (or maybe it was my technique??) Fortifying Leave-In  Detangling Spray- N/A LOVE!!
Shining Lite Spray- Shine is so "Lite" it wears off quickly.

UPDATE: As of now, it is my 3rd time using these products, and the "residue" that was an issue from before have subsisted. I truly believe that it may have been my technique I did for video sakes. If you encounter issues with reside, try focusing directly on the scalp while shampooing especially with your fingertips to help dissolve build up prior to blow drying!!

Also, I have noticed that the prices have dropped a bit!! YAYYY!!!!! :-D

Rate 8.0

Would I recommend this?
Yes, but it is a bit "too" pricey in my opinion. May require a more consistent usage to notice true progress in hair health. I do look forward to incorporating these products in my regimen!!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

RpgShow Cls017-s Khloe Kashdashian Glueless Lace Wig

This unit came from!
This is the infamous Khloe Kardashian Glueless Lace wig aka Cls017-s.
This is a gorgeous Ombre color which is a #2 on top, #t30 with #30 highlights. However in my opinion, it looks like a 1b on top, #27 highlight in the front with #30 in the sides and back. The length I have it in is a 18", silky texture, glueless cap (3), in a small (1) with light brown lace. The density is I believe 100%. The unit came to me pre washed however, I usually wash my units regardless and it was bone straight with no layers. It has your usual 3 combs (2 on the temple area and 1 in the crown) with the adjustable straps in the back. This unit can also be parted anywhere and does not have to be adhered down.

I can't get used to the color! Its a very gorgeous wig, there is nothing wrong with the construction etc...its just not me. I may end up selling it. Email me if you are interested. Price negotiable! If I don't respond back, its because it may have already sold.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Growing Out My Edges Using SDK Herbal Riche Oil's

Sooo, many of you may have already noticed or was informed of my little setback...Well, not really a setback, but an annoying occurrence on my hairline and temples. We all know wearing wigs, lace wigs, weaves and braiding the hair is known to DESTROY your hairline causing it to recede if not done properly. I've neglected the health of my hair around the hairline, so now I have to regrow it!
I was offered to try out and review a product to which its owner is excited about. So I said, what the hay! I'll give it a go! But of course, we all want to see results, so I've decided to document my journey! I will snaps photos weekly showcasing if the product is in fact working or not. I've also decided to dumb down the use of combs in wigs and tight braiding and pulling on the hairline.

This is HerbalRiche's new and improved formula! The new SDK HerbalRiche is much more stronger and more effective. It is made with unique blend of Ayurveidc herbs and Oils which helps to strengthen the hair and promote growth and leaves hair luscious, shiny, soft and healthy. Nourishes the scalp and gently stimulates hair growth.

*Notes after usage:
As of 2/10/2013 Ive notice a bit of mild itching. Not sure if its from the product or not. Just itching, no bumps or anything.
Its now 2/22/2013 and Ive had no progress. The photos actually looks like my hair has gotten worst. Not sure if its from my wig wearing, but I will continue to evaluate the areas! The itching has subsided! No more itching! Again, not sure if its from this product. My mom and sister didn't experience any when they used it!
3/2/2013 Not sure if I'm seeing progress yet. But I do notice my edges are looking a bit darker. Maybe that is growth. I have not experienced any side effects this week or disadvantages this week!
3/18/2013 I'm starting to notice small areas of growth. Nothing major, but sporadic bits all over my temple area!
4/4/2013 My edges are starting to fill in. Super slow process but good progress nonetheless.

What I do:
1. Perform a sensitivity test first on a small area of my scalp to make sure I am not allergic to any of the ingredients used in this product. Wait 3-7 days and evaluate the area.
2. Apply a dime-sized amount to the scalp as often as needed. I apply once every night!
3. Using your finger tips, gently massage the oils into the scalp creating blood flow to the scalp which will maximize the results for growth.
4. Be gentle and work at a nice slow pace! Hair should not be "greasy".
5. Wrap hair using a satin or silk scarf or bonnet.
6. For Hot Oil Treatment/PrePoo, apply a liberal amount of product to the hairs shaft and scalp focusing on the ends. Wrap a plastic bag or shower cap around hair. You may sleep with it overnight or sit under a hooded dryer or steamer.
7. Rinse then continue with your usual wash routine. Hair should feel well moisturized.
8. Take photos to evaluate and keep up with your results.

Benefits of each Ingredient: 
Castor oil: Treatment for thinning hair/hair loss, Prevents dry and itchy scalp, great humectant for skin and hair and has antibacterial properties.
Olive oil: Abilities to penetrate the hair shaft reaching the cortex of the hair allowing the hair to feel conditioned after each use. Great source of antioxidants, vitamin A and Vitamin E which helps dry scalps and dandruff.
Sesame oil: Natural sunscreen, full of antibacterial, strengthens hair preventing unnecessary breakage and a natural hair darkener great for those with premature graying.
Vitamin e: Prevents hair loss enhancing great hair growth, combats and repairs split ends, increases scalp blood circulation and helps with preventing premature graying.
Bringraj: Ideal for thinning/balding hair and receding hairlines, regrowing hair that's lost from stress and medical conditions.
Brahmi: Nourishes the scalp while encouraging blood circulation, promoting quick growth allowing the head to keep cool, preventing split ends and combating dandruff.
Amla: Helps hair regrow, nourishes and strengthens the hair after excessive heat damage from styling tools and the environment.
Bibhitaki: A growth agent helping to maintain healthy growing hair as well as combating premature aging of the hair.
Haritaki: Is used to promote a healthier scalp.
Hibiscus: Repairs the hairs cuticles making hair soft, smooth, shiny. Also encourages hair growth with stimulation of the scalps.
Horsetail: Helps strengthens and promote growth.
Rosemary: Prevents premature graying of the hair, helps grow hair as well as smells nice.
Neem: Promotes a healthier scalp.
Herbal Riche Oil blend: Herbal Riche's special Oil Blend.
Fenugreek: Helps with combating hair loss and preventing dry fragile hair.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Clip in Extensions

These clip in extensions were sent to me from I received this hair in a color #2. This is a 7 piece bundle of 18" of light yaki straight hair.

 I have prewashed the hair, giving the hair a slight wave pattern, which I later flat ironed back straight. Ive clipped in the hair and wore it twice, which surprisingly did not hold up the way I wanted it to. The hair does NOT last very long at all. It became a hassle to deal with. I wouldn't recommend this hair to any one!!!

Pros: Blends in nicely with relaxed African American hair, very inexpensive.

Cons: TANGLES TANGLES TANGLES TANGLES!!! Longevity doesn't exist. Rating: 3

Would I recommend this product? No