Sunday, April 14, 2013

Creme of Nature's 100% Pure Argan Oil & Perfect 7

Yes, yet another post on my favorite hair care products from Creme of Nature!!! So, I was sent the 100%Pure Argan Oil, as well as the Perfect 7 Leave in Conditioner. I must say, the very first day it arrived in the mail, I tested a bit of the Perfect 7 on my hair, and way so thrilled by the results, I quickly gathered my filming equipment together, and instantly went into filming a tutorial using the products, thats how excited I was when the leave in absorbed into my hair like butter on a biscuit!! Lol

Here is some information regarding these products...
100% Pure Argan Oil
100% Pure Argan Oil with our acclaimed fragrance is an all natural, multi-purpose beauty treatment that helps to retain moisture, renew and revitalize hair, scalp and skin, while adding instant shine and protecting against damage. Argan Oil is a rare, precious and moisturizing oil used for centuries as a beauty treatment in Morocco. Extracted in pure form, the lightweight daily moisturizer has absolutely zero synthetics, fillers, mineral oil or parabens.

Benefits of Argan Oil
  • Naturally rich in Vitamin E & great source of antioxidant
  • Zero fillers, mineral oil, parabens & sulfates
  • Lightweight daily moisturizer for hair & skin
  • Promotes healthy hair & gives Exotic Shine
  • Beauty treatment for healthy, radiant, youthful looking skin
  • Hair care treatment for damaged hair & split ends
  • Nourishes weak nails & softens dry cuticles
Perfect 7 is an 7-N-1 leave-in treatment mask for beautiful, healthy hair with Exotic Shine. This product is perfect for all hair textures and gives relaxed, natural and color-treated hair instant health and beauty while reducing the need for multiple hair care products. The innovative rich, creamy formula contains Argan Oil from Morocco, and conditioning agents such as, Pro-Vitamin B-5, Silk Amino Acids so you can achieve shinier, smoother and silkier hair.
7 Benefits of Perfect 7
  • Detangles & Conditions
  • Heat Protection
  • Breakage Defense
  • Controls Frizz
  • Moisturizes Dry Hair
  • Prevents Split Ends
  • Adds Exotic Shine 
How I used each product (On Relaxed Hair)
After shampooing and conditioning with Moisture & Shine Shampoo and Intensive Conditioning Treatment, I allowed my hair to air dry for about 45 minutes, before applying the Perfect 7. Parting my hair into 2 sections, I sprayed a nice amount into my hands and evenly distributed the product onto my hair and scalp. Next I sealed in the moisture by adding 1 full droppler of the Pure Argan Oil onto my hair and scalp. Carefully I combed to detangle, then blew dried my hair.
After my hair was completely dry, normally I would then flat iron my hair, but I opted out because of how nice and flowy it was. So then, I preped my hair for a partial braid out (for a wig). I applied more of the Perfect 7 the that area, again using the Pure Argan Oil to seal in the moisture and to add shine, braided my hair and setted it with a curl rod, then allowed it to sit overnight.
I continued on a few days later, removing the braid, and I was so pleased with the results!! So soft, perfect definition, great amount of healthy luster, OMG, I was so satisfied! My hair blended so well with my wig, you couldn't even tell where my hair began and ended! Loved it!!

How I used each product (On Natural Hair)
After shampooing and conditioning using Creme of Nature Moisture and Shine Shampoo and the Intensive Conditioning Treatment. I applied the Perfect 7 Leave-In Treatment on my damped hair and detangled. One thing that I noticed is that it detangled my hair effortlessly making my hair shaft very smooth. I then applied the Pure Moroccan Oil (2 full drops) into my entire head then sectioned my hair. On Med High heat, I blew out my hair! My hair had so much body, Shine, movement, softness and moisture.  It also felt very airy and flowy! That goes to show that the Pure Moroccan Oil penetrates the hair nicely and doesn't weigh it down. Also, the SMELL!!! Omg, I want a body lotion in this scent! Smells so vanillay and warm! For style, I twisted out my hair using Creme of Nature's Foaming Wrap Lotion. My ending results first hand was SHINY and SOFT! It also felt thoroughly moisturized. However, I find that I have to reapply a moisturizer to my hair a lot due to it feeling dried out in colder climates. But one thing Ive found helpful is sleeping with a shower cap every other night! It works wonders! All in all, I really love the entire Argan Oil line!

100% Pure Argan Oil:  Lightweight, pure, contains no added harsh ingredients or fillers, does has an added nice scent, can be used on the hair, scalp and skin, gives an healthy shin, nicely seals in moisture when used with an moisturizer.
Perfect 7: Very lightweight, give several benefits for numerous styles and hair types, smell nice, Can be used as a heat protectant, gives off an abundance of a healthy shine, moisturized dry hair.
100% Pure Argan Oil: Can waste a bit of product due to the bottle design, once my hands had product in them, the bottle and droppler became slippery, and I spilled quite a bit a few occasions, just be cautious of that.
Perfect 7: Once I had product in my hands, the bottle became a bit tough to use, couldnt take full control over the spray button, ended up taking the top off and just poured the product into my hands, maybe a squeeze bottle with a nozzle or a "Lotion Pump" like bottle may have worked better for the Perfect 7. Other then that, product can dry out throughout the day, and texture may not last before becoming a bit frizzy.

Would I recommend this product? Absolutley!

Caution PLEASE READ!!! 4/16/2013
Funny yet serious situation. Elise and myself experienced a crazy situation. We both were getting these crazy cuts on our fingers (Index and thumb) we couldn't quite figure out where it was coming from until we found the source. The Pure Argan Oil bottle. Right beneath the gold rim. It has a razor sharp edge which left cuts on our fingers while we were twisting the bottle open. Yes, we bled and it hurt. 
PLEASE BE CAUTIOUS AND CAREFUL!!! We will speak with the company about this incident. Hopefully our bottle was just defective. Again, be careful if you have the product already!


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  2. I was disappointed when I learned that pure 100% argan oil should come in a dark glass bottle because the oil is light sensitive. And that pure argan oil always has sediment after it settles and is naturally cloudy. This oil did make my hair soft. But I want real argan oil :( I guess I got what I paid for.

  3. Hello Ladies, I am in love with the Creme of Nature Products. They leave my hair feeling soft and detangled all day. You are not the only one who got cut from the argan oil bottle, I got cut the very first day I opened it. Thanks for the review, peace:)

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  5. Morena Bohemia: I love the Creme of Nature's 100% Pure Argan Oil! After months of damaging my hair with tons of protein and silicone overload my hair was crispy crunchy. I was devasted because I thought I would have to cut off a good 5-6 inches. But thanks to the 100% Argan oil that's no longer a consideration. WARNING!!! I have also cut myself trying to twist the bottle open. I do believe this is not an isolated situation as posted above. After several uses it became difficult to twist if off so I had my 24 year old son use pliers while I tended to my bleeding cuts. Please be very careful, one of my cuts was pretty deep.

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