Tuesday, December 4, 2012

GoldenSwish Burmese Bohemian Curl

Finally!!! I had the chance to try out and review some hair that is very similar to mine! This hair was sent to me to review from GoldenSwish.com

This hair is from GoldenSwish's Premium Collection. The Premium collection indicates Virgin Hair which has been processed in a 3 day steaming treatment which gives the hair its gorgeous Bohemian Curl!

The hair Type which I received is the Bohemian Curly in Natural Brown. I received 3 bundles which equals to 300 grams, I have my hair in 18", 16" and 12". 

The hair has a soft course feel, so I recommend Co-washing and spraying a water/conditioner on the hair periodically for a more maintained look. So far, the shedding has been minimal. I will update this with wear. Tangling has been normal/expected with this natural style. When I say tangling, I don't mean globs of hair knotting up. I mean the tangling as in curly afro-like hair which needs to be finger detangled every now and then.

I made my hair into a removable U-Part wig so I can switch up the style as often as needed. I filmed a detailed tutorial on the process. Check Out the video here  http://youtu.be/O9phynFx3aM

**Will Update After Further Wear**

Monday, December 3, 2012

Creme Of Nature Argan Oil Collection

So we were given the opportunity to try out Creme Of Nature's New Collection from their Argan Oil Line!
We were absolutely excited to try it out. Here is a Brief Review on each item that we tried on our Relaxed and Natural hair.

Alicia's Overview (Natural)
The one thing that my hair NEEDS is MOISTURE!!! If there is no moisture, I have no use for it. So, Honestly my expectations at first were a bit on the fence due to the let down that most in store products gave me. I expected it to be like everything else...
The first product I tried was the Sulfate-Free Moisture and Shine Shampoo While the product was on my hair, it felt very similar to many sulfate-free shampoos. Gave me a bit of a "sticky" feeling. However, after I washed it out...OMG my hair was soooo soft. I could have sworn that it was in fact a conditioner. My hair didn't feel "strip" or brittle. It felt so soft, moistured and hydrated!
The next product I tried was the Intensive Conditioning Treatment First thought was the smell! I'm not that great at defining scents but if I were to put a name to the aroma, id say it smelled like Nutty Warm Vanilla with whipped cream and a hint of Lavender! Good Stuff!!! Back to the conditioner...The Intensive Conditioner gave my hair a pretty good "slip" which my hair requires. It is also very creamy, however it didn't give me that "awesome" conditioning feeling as one of my favorite conditioners. Great product but I love extremely THICK conditioners!
Next, was the Strength and shine Leave-In Conditioner It too has the Vanilla-y scent. This product gives me a "protein" feeling adding strength, shine, and softness. Love it for that added conditioning treatment!
The Oil Moisturizer was next! This product does contain artificial ingredients, which I have no problem with! This made my hair extremely shiny and didn't weigh it down. It also helped so I wouldn't damage my hair while blowing it out! Softness and manageability was the key factor with this product.
I sealed my hair with The Argan Oil Treatment This oil was very thick. So a little goes a LONG ways. This made my hair complete!!! Giving it shine, softness and protection. I felt like this product was the main reason why my hair felt so soft for days later!
I also used the Gloss and shine mist RELIGIOUSLY!!! I spray it on my hair every chance I get especially when I am in a rush and want that "Healthy" look. This product is a life saver!

Elise's Overview (Relaxed)
All of the products used in my Regimen video were mentioned below in my relaxer post!!! Please see there for my expressed LOVE of the products and deets!

What we Rate each product for our hair type.

Sulfate-Free Moisture and Shine Shampoo
Natural: 10
Relaxed: 10

Intensive Conditioning Treatment
Natural: 6.5
Relaxed: 8

Strength and Shine Leave-In Conditioner
Natural: 8.5
Relaxed: 8

Argan Oil Treatment
Natural: 9.5
Relaxed: 10

Argan Oil Moisturizer
Natural: 7.5
Relaxed: 10

Argan Oil Perfect Edges
Natural: 8
Relaxed: 9

Foaming Wrap Lotion
Natural: 6.5
Relaxed: 6

Gloss and Shine Mist
Natural: 9
Relaxed: 6.5

Gloss and Shine Polisher
Natural: 6
Relaxed: 6.5

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Creme Of Nature Argan Oil No Lye Relaxer Experience

So this relaxer was sent to me to review from CremeOfNature.com I must say that I was extra excited to give this relaxer a try because of the pleasing outcome I had with the rest of the products from the Argan Oil line Creme Of Nature now offers. In this particular blog, I was approx 3 months post relaxer. Below are pictures of my new growth!


 As you can see from the pictures, I have about an inch of new growth, also my hair hair lacks luster and shine. Again that is why I was so excited to use this relaxer, because argan oil promotes a healthy, exotic shine, which my hair clearly needed!

Below is a listing of each of the relaxers contents and the benefits/my way for usage.


Creme Of Nature Regular Strength Activator
Creme Of Nature No Lye Creme Base
Combining these two products together gives you the obvious chemical straightener, the base has a very pleasant sent that helps mask the strong chemical sent. I find it very important to use gloves while applying this product, as it will damage your hand and nails. If you're like myself and require to "feel" the new growth while applying, try to get someone else to help with this process...Yes, I was Ginny pig, and yes, my hand and nails were damaged for a while lol  

Creme Of Nature Intensive Conditioning Treatment
Creme Of Nature Neutralizing Shampoo
These products should have been reversed in the photo, but you get the point! After the no lye relaxer sat on my new growth for about hmm, lets say 45 mins (please follow the instructions timing guidelines) I rinsed with cool water, then proceeded to shampoo with the neutralizer. I did about 4 washes, which was enough to remove all of the product from my head. The smell of the neutralizing shampoo was very settled, like a kiwi fruity scent, which I liked a whole lot.
After shampoo, I then applied the Intensive Conditioning Treatment to my hair, focusing on my newly relaxed roots and my ends. This conditioner has a very creamy consistency which coats and melts right into the hair. Smell so incredibly nice!! I applied it to my hair, put on my heating cap (which is not required but I did it anyways), for about 45 mins to an hour and allowed it to penetrate deep into my strands. Then I rinsed it out. My hair at that point was like silk, full of shine!

Creme Of Nature Argan Oil Treatment
Creme Of Nature Gloss and Shine Polisher
These two products I find to work GREAT as a heat protector! If I failed to mention the smell of these products...My GOD, they smell soooo nice!! A very warm woody smell that I just cant get enough of!! Not included in this relaxer, but I do HIGHLY recommend, is the Creme Of Nature Strength and Shine Leave in conditioner, I spritzed my damped hair after conditioning with it, then applied the Argan Oil Treatment evenly, focusing mainly on my ends. I then blew dried my hair, and my GOD (sorry if I'm using God as a reference too much) but mannn, my hair was so full of lust and shine! This girl right here, was definitely all smiles! I'm not done yet...lol
After blow drying, I then evenly distributed the gloss and shine polisher throughout my hair, and on a low setting of 350 degrees, I then flat ironed my hair straight. 


The ending result was absolutely beautiful!! I typically go for relaxers that is infused with olive oil, maybe even coconut oil, but by far, my experience with this Creme of Nature Argan Oil No Lye Relaxer has been nothing short of wonderful! The added exotic shine has gave my hair a lasting healthy appearance which has gotten me tons of compliments!
If you prefer not to relax, or are natural, I highly recommend the whole line of Argan Oil products! One uses was enough for me, to give me beautiful healthy looking hair! I was so please, I couldn't help but to share with you all!!!

Pros: I love everything about it!!!
Cons: I wish this product was out years ago lol but besides that, no cons here!

Rating: 10
Will I recommend this product? Yes, and if you read this far, go out and try it for yourself! Well worth it!!        

Sunday, November 4, 2012

It's A Wig Lace Front Patricia

This unit came from NYHairMall.com
This wig is from the It's A Wig Lace Front Collection. I have my unit in the color 1b. Originally, the hair is around 14-16" long, light spiral curl. However, I cut a few inches off and made it around 12" long and finger combed it so it resembles more of a "fluffier, afro" type curl.
The parting is around 1/3 of an inch of parting space which is a bummer...It has adjustable straps to tighten the unit and there are 3 combs (2 in the front located on top of your head. and 1 in the back) The hair is soft with a bit of a coursey feel which mimics African American texture.

So far, I've been wearing this hair on and off for the last month or so. I will say, this hair has gotten pretty wild lol. So I will have to say, this hair will last you maybe 2-4 weeks depending how you like your hair to look. This is one of those natural pieces where it will look good out of the pack to a year from now. its all about preferences!

PROS: Very soft, natural looking, no shine, very full, versatile, color dead on, gorgeous curls, nice fit, resembles my creta girl wig, mimics afro amer hair.

CONS: Barely no parting space, combs are placed in an uncomfortable area, lace is itchy, hair will eventually tangle and matte, sheds a bit, will grow bigger and bigger.

Rating: 7.5

Will I purchase again? No, not enough lace to look natural for my liking.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Sensationnel Instant Weave HZ-7075

This unit is from hairwigharlem.com I got this unit in a color #2. This unit is a half wig that is approx 14" of loose deep curls, synthetic fibers that can be curled up to 360 degrees.
I wore this unit a few times, and as you can tell from my video review, Im not feeling this one. I managed to try to wear it a little more often, and sadly, not feeling her. It seems like a unit that has potential to last a long time, but I just cant seem to make it work for me.

Pros: Soft, natural healthy luster, can be curled, haven't noticed any sudden tangling or shedding.

Cons: Seems to have been defective upon receiving, oversized cap, made the unit look a bit bulky, hair becomes "flat and stringy" to more the unit is manipulated or finger combed, looks nothing like the package photo.

Rating: 2
Will I purchase HZ-7075 again?? NO!!

**Updated after 2 weeks of wear** 

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Freetress Equal Jersey Girl

This unit came from blackhairspray.com
I received this unit in a color 2. This unit is a approx 20" of deep loose curls.
This unit can be worn  as a half wig or as a drawstring ponytail. With great wig hair care, this unit can last you about 1-2 weeks with continuous wear.

Pros: Soft, easy and versatile, nice sized combs, can be worn as a half wig and/or ponytail futura fibers, can be recurled and flat ironed, beautiful.

Cons: Tangles after 1 wear, mattes, shiny, goes flat with combing, doesn't last a long time looses its curls and shape when styling.

Rating: 4

Friday, September 28, 2012

Younique Lace Front Wig With Bangs

So, I got my unit from Younique Lace Wigs!
The unit I have is about 14" long, In the color number 2, Light Yaki Straight Texture, Glueless lace front (style 2), light brown Swiss lace, with a density of 150%, in the cap size small! The feel of the hair is a soft coursey feel which to me feels like natural hair that has been blown out and straightened! Even though the length is 14", it looks more like a 16". The color is very pretty! Brings out the brown in my eyes :-)
 Ive been wearing this hair for just about a month now! Ive been asked if it was my own hair lol, but for the most part, everyone loves the style! The only issue ive ran into was a bit of matting which I suspect may be from the texture as well as blonde strands of hair mixed in with the wig which may be from the color dye not taking properly. Other than that, I'm still wearing this unit as if its my own hair! I will definitely update after I cant wear this hair anymore of if I run into anymore problems!

 PROS: Realistic look, great length, soft natural texture, no wig hump, curls nicely, nice color, decent fit, soft lace.

 CONS: Blonde strands through out the unit, Matting, a bit of tangling.

 Rating: 8

Will I purchase again? Definitely! Doesn't give me the fake heavy Nicki Minaj Look like most bang styles! Very natural and covers up my 5 head lol!

RpgShow Csls-003-S Full Glueless Lace Wig

This unit was sent to me to review from RpgShow.com All opinions posted of 100% honest and of my own. I know when it comes down to doing wig reviews, a lot of people are skeptical because I didn't pay for it! I am going to let you know truthfully how I feel!
The unit I received is the Csls-003-s Kim Kardashian Wig, in the color 1b, silky texture, Cap construction 3 which is the glueless, cap size 1 which is small! I also have mine in 20" which is mid back for me (Im 5'8") This unit has chunky layers around the front of the wig. This does not come styled, so with the layers you can create your own Kim K loose curls if you please. The hair has a density of 130% and baby hairs around the perimeter. The lace is soft french material.
 So Ive been wearing this unit for about a week now. I have not notice any shedding or tangling unless I was laying down in the wig. The hair has so much movement! I do wish it had more body! I will update again after its been a month of wear!
Today date is 3/30/2013. Yes, I STILL am wearing this unit! Its been MONTHS since I received it. keep up with it by co-washing it every 2-3 weeks and shampooing it when it has too much product build up. Air dry, flat iron using a heat protectant and storing it in the box. I also redirect the part often. I really love this hair!

PROS: Last a long time, very soft, nice layers, comfortable,can part anywhere, nice fit, decent density, minimal shedding.

CONS: Has fly-aways, looks frizzy, can get a bit bulky on top, has funny smell after first few washes, mattes, tangles, doesn't hold a curl.

Rating: 8

Will I purchase this unit again? Yes! But next time in yaki so it styles better. I just picked up the Cls-021-s the new Kim K wig! Very similar, Check Out my review


Saturday, September 15, 2012

Freetress Milly Lace Front Wig

Picked up this unit from BlackHairSpray.com. I have my unit in the color OMFireRed. It is around 14" long, body wave textured, with a really pretty Ombre effect. This is a full wig with the illusion of a natural part, however, it is a skin part with no lace.


I personally didn't like this one. I may end up selling it. If you are interested, please email me at creativity619@aol.com Price is negotiable! If I do not respond, It may be because it has already sold!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Model Model Yumi 3/4 Invisible Part Wig

This unit came from Blackhairspray.com I received this unit in a color #2. This unit is approx 12-14" of long straight layers, with a slight bump to the ends. 100% curling iron safe up to 400 degrees. This unit can be worn and styled 2 different ways giving the wearer the opportunity to pull as little, or as much hair out as desired. You have the option of wearing this unit with a side bang, or cut the small attached piece off and being able to add a deep part within the u shaped opened area.

So far I have only worn this piece one time, so it remains in great condition.

*Will Update*

Pros: Lightweight, soft, multiple styles can be achieved, can be curled and straightened, has drawstring for easy fit and alteration.

Cons: Has a synthetic shine, thin, sheds, very silky texture can be difficult to blend natural hair textures into, weft clips can snag hairs if not properly installed.

Rating: 6

**Will update later**

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Freetress Fullcap Drawstring Creta Girl

I picked up this beauty at HairWigHarlem! She has a fluffy, afro type of feel to her. About 16" in length if fully stretched, however sits right against my collar bone. The color I have my unit is in 1b which is pretty standard to any synthetic 1b. It is versatile which can be styled as a ponytail if desired. The fibers are 100% synthetic so it can not be curled. It has the standard long comb in the front and smaller comb in the back.

So as of September 4, 2012 I am still wearing this unit! HOWEVER.....it no longer resembles Kelly Rowland's gorgeous style! It now resembles more of a Tracy Ella Ross, Erykah Badu, Teyana Taylor look. If you do not like big hair, or if you are afraid of big hair, do not consider this! This hair gets HUGE with manipulation! It also last for a long time simply because it seems to look more natural with wear and manipulation! No Lie, I've gotten LOTS of compliments! This hair is also very easy to blend!
This hair will last as long as you like! Its all up to you and your preference! If you like the neat, Kelly Rowland look, it may last you a week or 2 with little to no manipulation, Anything after that will have you wearing an Afro!

PROS: Pretty style, drawstring, natural looking, inexpensive, no synthetic shine, last for a decent amount of time, has lots of body and volume, easy to blend with natural hair, fits nice and snug.

CONS: Tangles a lot, sheds, hair will mat in the nape area, gets really big, frizzes up, drawstring can become tangled with the hair.

Rating: 9

Will I purchase again?
Yes, I already did! I cut out 2 of the tracks in different areas so it doesn't get as huge as it did. I am looking to achieve a more natural look as if I grew it out myself!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Vivica A. Fox Lace Front Wig MASHA

This unit was purchased from MiMiBeauty.com I received this unit in a color #2. This lace front wig is approx 16-19" of layered loose curls, with a swoop bang. This unit is a part of the Vivica Fox DEEEP Collection, which gives you about 2 1/2" of parting space, and hand stiched lace from ear to ear, that gives you a more natural appearance to the hairline.. This unit contains 100% futura fibers, that can easily be curled and flat ironed for endless styles.
So, Its been about a month of wear with this unit, on and off. We have a Love/Hate relationship! This wig has a gorgeous style, however, the curls became very frizzy and stringy very quickly! This is definitely one of those pieces that should only be worn for a special occasion! If you plan on wearing this unit as a everyday wig, I wouldn't recommend it! Not only is it very glamorous, but the curls will drop with manipulation and become very frizzy and stringy :-(

PROS: Pretty style, nice fit, bio cap so wig wont start smelling like sweat, stretch paneling for a secure fit, pretty length, decent amount of parting space (2.5")

CONS: Becomes tangle, mattes badly at nape, curls will drop, becomes very frizzy, starts to look stringy, lace hard and itchy, may be too much luster for everyone's liking.

Rating: 7

Will I purchase again: Yes, I love the style, however, I will only wear it for special occasions!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Rpgshow Glueless Full Lace Wig PTS004-s

This unit was sent to me to review from RpgShow.
I selected the Lisa Raye Full Glueless Human Hair Lace Wig Item number PTS004-s in 16", Yaki Texture, Light Brown Lace, Cap construction 3 (glueless) Cap size 1. The density of my unit is 130 which is very believeble! The texture is course with lots of body. If you like silky textures, don't choose this unit. Its isn't soft or silky at all!!!

**Review Will Be Up After 2 Weeks Of Wear**

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Chocolate Black Remi Virgin Yaky

This hair can be purchased from your local beauty supply store, or purchased online at hairhoneys.com This hair is in a color #1b, and is 14" in the black remy yaky straight texture. I constructed yet another U Part wig using almost all of 3 packs of hair. Ive only gotten a chance to wear this hair a few times, but the quality of it has got me excited to see how long I can go with religously wearing this hair!

This hair has not been pre-washed prior to me installing it, and is pretty much good to go! The cuticle are all attached and facing the same direction, which asures proper quality and rules out chemical maintainance which asures that this hair is truly virgin remy.
So far I have been wearing this hair the past 2 weeks now, like most hair, its not gonna last forever! I'll give this hair about 2 more weeks of wear before I retire her. Shes still looks nice and is aging beautifully! Shes more of a yaki texture, more so then silky now. Still no wash.

Pros: Lightweight, natural healthy look, minimal shedding upon cutting the wefts, light natural sheen, soft, tangle free, free flowing, no stiffness.

Cons: Found some colored strings throughout the hair, runs a little lighter in color (which was a advantage for me), hair becomes a bit dry looking with flat ironing.

Rating: 7.5
(Updated after 2 weeks of wear)

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Model Model 3/4 Invisible Part Wig/U-Part Wig Yunessa

Purchased this beauty from one of my favorite online wig shops DivaTress.com!
This unit is a 3/4 wig with a U shape area and/or closed 0 area so you can achieve a natural invisible part or closure if you want a bang. This wig is in the color 1b, around 16" long, natural loose curl/tight wave, has 3 clips and 1 long comb, 100% futura fibers so it can be curled or flat ironed at 400 degrees. Coupon Code: NewDiva10 for new shoppers!

So, of course Ive been been rocking this unit sense I got it and I must say......It doesn't last long AT ALL!!! Wore it for about 1 1/2 weeks straight up and it tangled and became very frizzy! I wouldn't say its a bad wig simply because it never became "ragedy" looking! I just prefer the define look over the natural fluffy look. This wig may last the average wig wearer no more than 2 weeks!

PROS: Gorgeous style, U-Part wig style, gorgeous natural curls, true to color, very soft, drawstring for secure fit, snug fit on head, lightweight, confortable, full, nice density, easy to blend.

CONS: Tangles, Frizzes a lot, mattes at nape, mattes to drawstring, my hair gets caught in back combs, sheds, wig starts to detach from cap.

Rating: 7.5

Will I purchase again? Yes simply because it resembles a weave instead of a wig!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

MyLaceWigTrend.com DeepWave Indian Remy Human Hair Lace Front Wig

This unit was sent to me to review from MyLaceWigTrend.com! All opinions and suggestions are 100% honest! If you feel an misunderstanding, please contact me! If you are interested in this or any other unit from their website, please use my coupon code to save $20 "ALICIA" (without quotation marks) Expires June 30, 2012.
I was sent their lace front unit in the color #2, 22" long, deepwave, 100% Indian Remy Human Hair, 130% density, baby hairs around the perimeter, adjustable straps in the back, no combs, light brown swiss lace, natural hairline.

So, Ive been wearing this unit for a little over 3 weeks now! Still going strong! However tangling and shedding is a little over whelming...However, conditioning it made the hair not as tangly so definitely incorporate that into your wig care routine! This wig is still in wearable condition. Will update again once hair is no longer wearable.

PROS: Very soft, gorgeous deep waves, decent fit, soft lace, okay amount of parting space, pretty style, gorgeous #2, great value.

CONS: Sheds a lot, tangles, lace starts to look a little frayed, no combs.

Rating: 8

Will I purchase? Yes, however, I would like to try a different style!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

HairFinity Journey

So, Ive FINALLY started my Hairfinity Journey! I am super excited to see the growth that I will obtain if any! I purchased a 6 month supply on HairFinity's website! I will be updating this blog post periodically as my hair grows! I will also let you all know if I run into any problems with the product!
What the pill looks like?
The pill is your typical silicone/gel coated horseshoe capsule. Easy to swollow because it doesn't dissolve on the tongue right away plus being coated. The pill is quite big like your typical daily multi vitamin! Here is a photo of the pill in my hand.
As far as Side Effects, I have experienced anything but the obvious which was a bit more shedding than usual. However, my shedding has minimized since I started my Garlic/Olive Oil pre-poo and Black Tea Rinse regimen. Since then the shedding has subsided and my hair is growing out even better! For tips on shedding, check out my YouTube Video On Shedding!

So, Here are photos of my hair growth Journey! I will be updating each month, so come back often!