Saturday, March 30, 2013

RpgShow Cls021-s Kim Kardashian

This unit was sent to me for review from All opinions and statements are all 100% honest.
The unit I received was the cls021-s Kim Kardashian.
I have mines in the color #2 which looks identical to the #1b that I already have. The texture is in silky, Cap construction #3 (Glueless Cap with 3 combs and adjustable strap), 20" long, Light brown lace, cap size 1 (small). This unit has chunky layers which makes it easier to style. I styled mines without cutting it at all!
This unit is very soft and gorgeous. However, it is very thin. Not sure what the density is on this unit but it seems lighter than a 100%. My suggestion is that you Co-Wash the hair then blow dry it using a blow dryer. Doing that made my unit more voluminous.  Also add big loose curls so its not so limp.

**Review Will Be Available After 2-3 Weeks Of Wear**


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