Thursday, January 31, 2013

Growing Out My Edges Using SDK Herbal Riche Oil's

Sooo, many of you may have already noticed or was informed of my little setback...Well, not really a setback, but an annoying occurrence on my hairline and temples. We all know wearing wigs, lace wigs, weaves and braiding the hair is known to DESTROY your hairline causing it to recede if not done properly. I've neglected the health of my hair around the hairline, so now I have to regrow it!
I was offered to try out and review a product to which its owner is excited about. So I said, what the hay! I'll give it a go! But of course, we all want to see results, so I've decided to document my journey! I will snaps photos weekly showcasing if the product is in fact working or not. I've also decided to dumb down the use of combs in wigs and tight braiding and pulling on the hairline.

This is HerbalRiche's new and improved formula! The new SDK HerbalRiche is much more stronger and more effective. It is made with unique blend of Ayurveidc herbs and Oils which helps to strengthen the hair and promote growth and leaves hair luscious, shiny, soft and healthy. Nourishes the scalp and gently stimulates hair growth.

*Notes after usage:
As of 2/10/2013 Ive notice a bit of mild itching. Not sure if its from the product or not. Just itching, no bumps or anything.
Its now 2/22/2013 and Ive had no progress. The photos actually looks like my hair has gotten worst. Not sure if its from my wig wearing, but I will continue to evaluate the areas! The itching has subsided! No more itching! Again, not sure if its from this product. My mom and sister didn't experience any when they used it!
3/2/2013 Not sure if I'm seeing progress yet. But I do notice my edges are looking a bit darker. Maybe that is growth. I have not experienced any side effects this week or disadvantages this week!
3/18/2013 I'm starting to notice small areas of growth. Nothing major, but sporadic bits all over my temple area!
4/4/2013 My edges are starting to fill in. Super slow process but good progress nonetheless.

What I do:
1. Perform a sensitivity test first on a small area of my scalp to make sure I am not allergic to any of the ingredients used in this product. Wait 3-7 days and evaluate the area.
2. Apply a dime-sized amount to the scalp as often as needed. I apply once every night!
3. Using your finger tips, gently massage the oils into the scalp creating blood flow to the scalp which will maximize the results for growth.
4. Be gentle and work at a nice slow pace! Hair should not be "greasy".
5. Wrap hair using a satin or silk scarf or bonnet.
6. For Hot Oil Treatment/PrePoo, apply a liberal amount of product to the hairs shaft and scalp focusing on the ends. Wrap a plastic bag or shower cap around hair. You may sleep with it overnight or sit under a hooded dryer or steamer.
7. Rinse then continue with your usual wash routine. Hair should feel well moisturized.
8. Take photos to evaluate and keep up with your results.

Benefits of each Ingredient: 
Castor oil: Treatment for thinning hair/hair loss, Prevents dry and itchy scalp, great humectant for skin and hair and has antibacterial properties.
Olive oil: Abilities to penetrate the hair shaft reaching the cortex of the hair allowing the hair to feel conditioned after each use. Great source of antioxidants, vitamin A and Vitamin E which helps dry scalps and dandruff.
Sesame oil: Natural sunscreen, full of antibacterial, strengthens hair preventing unnecessary breakage and a natural hair darkener great for those with premature graying.
Vitamin e: Prevents hair loss enhancing great hair growth, combats and repairs split ends, increases scalp blood circulation and helps with preventing premature graying.
Bringraj: Ideal for thinning/balding hair and receding hairlines, regrowing hair that's lost from stress and medical conditions.
Brahmi: Nourishes the scalp while encouraging blood circulation, promoting quick growth allowing the head to keep cool, preventing split ends and combating dandruff.
Amla: Helps hair regrow, nourishes and strengthens the hair after excessive heat damage from styling tools and the environment.
Bibhitaki: A growth agent helping to maintain healthy growing hair as well as combating premature aging of the hair.
Haritaki: Is used to promote a healthier scalp.
Hibiscus: Repairs the hairs cuticles making hair soft, smooth, shiny. Also encourages hair growth with stimulation of the scalps.
Horsetail: Helps strengthens and promote growth.
Rosemary: Prevents premature graying of the hair, helps grow hair as well as smells nice.
Neem: Promotes a healthier scalp.
Herbal Riche Oil blend: Herbal Riche's special Oil Blend.
Fenugreek: Helps with combating hair loss and preventing dry fragile hair.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Clip in Extensions

These clip in extensions were sent to me from I received this hair in a color #2. This is a 7 piece bundle of 18" of light yaki straight hair.

 I have prewashed the hair, giving the hair a slight wave pattern, which I later flat ironed back straight. Ive clipped in the hair and wore it twice, which surprisingly did not hold up the way I wanted it to. The hair does NOT last very long at all. It became a hassle to deal with. I wouldn't recommend this hair to any one!!!

Pros: Blends in nicely with relaxed African American hair, very inexpensive.

Cons: TANGLES TANGLES TANGLES TANGLES!!! Longevity doesn't exist. Rating: 3

Would I recommend this product? No