Thursday, June 21, 2012

Chocolate Black Remi Virgin Yaky

This hair can be purchased from your local beauty supply store, or purchased online at This hair is in a color #1b, and is 14" in the black remy yaky straight texture. I constructed yet another U Part wig using almost all of 3 packs of hair. Ive only gotten a chance to wear this hair a few times, but the quality of it has got me excited to see how long I can go with religously wearing this hair!

This hair has not been pre-washed prior to me installing it, and is pretty much good to go! The cuticle are all attached and facing the same direction, which asures proper quality and rules out chemical maintainance which asures that this hair is truly virgin remy.
So far I have been wearing this hair the past 2 weeks now, like most hair, its not gonna last forever! I'll give this hair about 2 more weeks of wear before I retire her. Shes still looks nice and is aging beautifully! Shes more of a yaki texture, more so then silky now. Still no wash.

Pros: Lightweight, natural healthy look, minimal shedding upon cutting the wefts, light natural sheen, soft, tangle free, free flowing, no stiffness.

Cons: Found some colored strings throughout the hair, runs a little lighter in color (which was a advantage for me), hair becomes a bit dry looking with flat ironing.

Rating: 7.5
(Updated after 2 weeks of wear)