Sunday, March 3, 2013

Red Carpet Premier Super Aviana Braid Lace Front

I picked up the unit from I received this unit in color #99J. This lace front wig is approx a 28" mermaid braid that can also be worn unbraided as 33" loose beach wave/curls That can be flat ironed up to about 320 degree (I am assuming...since the packaging does not specify specific temperature withstands, but it does indicate that it is future fiber) This unit has about an inch and a half if lace parting space, 3 combs in the front, 1 comb and adjustable straps in the back.

Ive wore this wig one time (via my video review) and to be honest, I am kinda afraid to wear her out LOL solely based on the fact that for one, I attempted to step out of the box and try color, keep in mind, that I am usually Ms Plain Jane when it comes to color, two, this unit measures unstretched 33" unbraided, and three, this hair is some big ol WILD ass hair LOL, its gonna definitely take some getting used to, as I will probably purchase this wig again but maybe in a standard color to feel alright ;-) I did decide to spray my wig down with a little water, and rub it with my V05 moisture milk conditioner. Doing that helped give me a more defined wave pattern opposed to a more messy beach wave, which is also kinda cute, but not for me.

PROS: Looks very trendy and celebrity inspired, doesnt have a harsh synthetic look, has a decent amount of parting space, is very versatile, very light weight, color selections are countless, flat iron friendly overall is a very pretty wig!

CONS: Tangles badly if you're not careful when taking down the mermaid braid, braided style comes off looking a bit bulky, and ugly in my opinion, hair tangled upon finger combing, can look a bit frizzy and stringy without moisture i.e. water, cap fits a little snug and can become uncomfortable to some, hair feels slightly rough to the touch, got a few strands of shedded hair.

Rating: 6.5

Will I recommend this wig? Umm, yeah to a certain degree...If you love SUPER long, full hair, you would LOVE this one, if not, I suggest you keep it moving!!


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  3. It looks great on you, very natural!