Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Exquisite Ends Virgin Brazilian Straight Weft Hair

This hair was sent to me from I was sent the virgin brazilian straight hair in lengths 18", 20", and 2 24" all in a natural unprocessed color.

With this hair I created another U part wig using approx 3 3/4 packs of hair. Only the 18" bundle was cut and I received very minimal shedding despite not sealing any of the wefts. I did bleach and color the hair as you saw in the video. To my surprise the ends did not matte up or look overly dry!!! The ends looks just as good as they looked prior to coloring! Unfortunately the color did not turn out the way I wanted it to look, I was going for a more reddish auburn color, but its not to big of an issue for me!

I have been wearing this hair for going on 3 weeks now and it is still in PERFECT condition. Ive washed the hair so far 2 times and it is still very silky soft to the touch! When bleaching hair I am very particular about what the hair looks like after being altered so I invested in products that will help correct any issues with dryness, but with this hair, I really didn't need it!

Pros: Great quality, very inexpensive, all cuticles are alive and facing the same direction, silky soft, blendable with African American relaxed hair, received very minimal shedding, no tangling what so ever (yet), holds curls for days, wefts are very sturdy yet is easy to push sewing needle threw, bundles are all 100 grams, full of luster.

Cons: Bearding is a little all over the place but it could have been because the way the hair was bundled together, I didn't notice anything with the bearding after hair was installed.

Rating: 9.5
Would I recommend this hair?
Absolutely!! Especially during the back to school sale!