Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Jass Original Kit

I received these hair care products from Jass Within this kit, you will receive the Peppermint Clarifying Shampoo Intense Moisture Treatment Fortifying Leave-In Treatment and Detangling Spray and also the Shining Lite Spray. Please read below for an detailed description and benefits for each product.

 Peppermint Clarifying Shampoo
 Ultimate Cleansing With Tea Tree Oil Formulated with Tea Tree oil to help thoroughly cleanse and penetrate each hair shaft. Removes excess oils and product build-up with a rich lather. Helps strengthen hair. Invigorates and stimulates the scalp leaving it with a cool sensation. Conditions and maintains healthy hair and scalp. Paraben free.

 Intense Moisture Treatment
Vanilla Bean Deep Conditioner An innovation in the science of hair nourishment. Wheat Protein, Jojoba Oil, Keratin, Calendula and Geranium repair, condition, soften and add shine to hair. Free of Parabens Sodium-Chloride.

 Fortifying Leave-In Treatment
 Detangling Spray Smooth, Strengthen, Protect UV Protectant Formulated with botanical extracts thistles light weight leave-in detangler conditions, adds body and maintains healthy scalp. Pro-vitamin B% Adds Shine and Conditions. Wheat Amino Acids Strengthen Aloe & Chamomile are Soothing UV protectant helps color from fading. Paraben Free

 Shining "Lite" Spray Spray
 An instant brillant shine. It adds clear shine to dry or dull hair, smooths down frizzy or fried ends and dries clear without a trace. This an Alcohol-Oil free formula that never weighs hair down. It also has protective sun-filters to help prevent sun damage.

 How I used these Products:

 Firstly I shampooed with The Peppermint Clarifying Shampoo, I did "2" washes to initially pre-cleanse the hair, and 2nd to remove all existing product and build up from the scalp. This shampoo adds a cool, refreshing feeling to the scalp, and has a light lather leaving your hair completely cleans, and striped of all moisture! to regain that moisture, it is important to use the Intense Moisture Treatment...

 Next I conditioned using the Intense Moisture Treatment. I applied a generous amount, focusing on my ends and new-growth. This treatment has very thick and rich consistency and requires a very tedious rinse to remove all access product. I did have to rinse really using my fingertips to remove left over residue from my scalp. The vanilla bean scent is to die for. When I applied the conditioner to my hair, instantly my hair drank it all up! I let the treatment sit on my hair for about an hour, then rinsed it out.

 After conditioning, I then prepped my hair for blow drying by generously spritzing the hair with the Fortifying Leave In Treatment. This products was my favorite! I gave my shine, strength and a smooth flowy finish while easily allowing me to detangle without losing a whole lot of hair. This product can be used alone, or with a thermal heat protector. Check out Jass Karatin Serum for a great heat protector! At this point, you are done, but if you want a more sleek finish add a few spritz of the Shining Lite Spray.

 Lastly, I sprayed my hair with the Shining Lite Spray, and flat ironed my hair. This spray is light-weight giving my hair a nice a natural sheen, Has a sweet candy like scent and dis not weigh my hair down. Do make sure not to over do it like I did :-b

 I have only used these products 1 time, and have not noticed any "Harsh" results. I will continue using the products and will update you guys on any progress or findings...

Peppermint Clarifying Shampoo- Rich, Nice cool sensation on the scalp, Nice light lather, very cleansing.
Intense Moisture Treatment- Thick in consistency, moisturizing, yummy scent, adds shine and softness.
Fortifying Leave-In Treatment Detangling Spray- Adds strength and shine to my hair, detangles hair easily and nicely, has a coconut like scent, can be used as a thermal guard.
Shining Lite Spray- Doesn't weigh hair down, gives a superior shine, smells nice.

Peppermint Clarifying Shampoo- Strips the hair of everything (Which is the point of clarifying) contains alcohol that is also harsh to the hair.
Intense Moisture Treatment- Left a annoying residue on my hair (or maybe it was my technique??) Fortifying Leave-In  Detangling Spray- N/A LOVE!!
Shining Lite Spray- Shine is so "Lite" it wears off quickly.

UPDATE: As of now, it is my 3rd time using these products, and the "residue" that was an issue from before have subsisted. I truly believe that it may have been my technique I did for video sakes. If you encounter issues with reside, try focusing directly on the scalp while shampooing especially with your fingertips to help dissolve build up prior to blow drying!!

Also, I have noticed that the prices have dropped a bit!! YAYYY!!!!! :-D

Rate 8.0

Would I recommend this?
Yes, but it is a bit "too" pricey in my opinion. May require a more consistent usage to notice true progress in hair health. I do look forward to incorporating these products in my regimen!!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

RpgShow Cls017-s Khloe Kashdashian Glueless Lace Wig

This unit came from RpgShow.com!
This is the infamous Khloe Kardashian Glueless Lace wig aka Cls017-s.
This is a gorgeous Ombre color which is a #2 on top, #t30 with #30 highlights. However in my opinion, it looks like a 1b on top, #27 highlight in the front with #30 in the sides and back. The length I have it in is a 18", silky texture, glueless cap (3), in a small (1) with light brown lace. The density is I believe 100%. The unit came to me pre washed however, I usually wash my units regardless and it was bone straight with no layers. It has your usual 3 combs (2 on the temple area and 1 in the crown) with the adjustable straps in the back. This unit can also be parted anywhere and does not have to be adhered down.

I can't get used to the color! Its a very gorgeous wig, there is nothing wrong with the construction etc...its just not me. I may end up selling it. Email me creativity619@aol.com if you are interested. Price negotiable! If I don't respond back, its because it may have already sold.