Sunday, July 28, 2013

LIVE! Unprocessed Brazilian Virgin Remy Hair

This hair was sent to me from I received the Natural Wave texture in lengths 14", 16" and 18 inches. The color is a natural unprocessed color which is equivalent to a #1b or a dark #2 which blended flawlessly in with my color #2 relaxed hair.

Is one pack enough to achieve a full look???
I would have to say it depends on the person! For me, I wanted a little more hair, for the simple fact that I LOVE big hair, now, if you're are into settle, natural appearing hair that isn't Chaka Khan BIG or stripper LONG, then this Live hair would be a remarkable investment, not to mention that it only costs $119.00 at!! Use a closure or pull out a decent amount of hair if you would like the hair to be a little more fuller!

So far I have only wore this hair a few times, and surprisingly received a ton of compliments, not sure if it was from the ombre look or the hair itself! I totally recommend this hair for budgeted individuals like myself who desires a decent quality hair, that is going to last easily for months, looks good, and wont run your wallet dry!

As far as the quality of the hair goes...I really cant remember if I received an unusual amount of shedding, which is a good thing, because whatever we tend to remember, either has a positive or a negative impact...I simply don't recall seeing any! The hair is very soft, much like a light yaky texture. The cuticles are still attached (hence the term remy) however I can easily tell that the cuticles are damaged and/or are dead at the tips of the hair. I cant stress enough CONDITION CONDITION CONDITION, then top it off with argan oil!!!! You'll thank me later!! The hair does tangle, so be prepared to carry a comb or paddle brush with you! With water, the natural wave texture pops right back, spray with a little water to define your curls!

Pros: Very Affordable, achieve a full look with one pack, takes bleaching very nicely, hold curls for days, natural wave pattern does not come off looking frizzy like some virgin hair, wefting is exceptionally neat, hair is very soft and manageable, and did I say its VERY affordable!!!

Cons: Tangles a little more the some virgin hair, hair a good amount of grey hairs, the ends comes off looking dry with too much flat ironing and curling, to some it may not be enough hair (this isn't really a con though)

Rating: 7

Would I recommend this hair??

Will I ever purchase this hair again??


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