Thursday, July 21, 2011

Freetress Equal Runway Girl Drawstring Full Cap

I picked up this wig from
This unit has a beautiful beach wave curl, in the color 1B/33. Futura fibers, 24" long, extremely soft and full.
Ive been wearing this wig for 2 straight weeks and it is still in good condition. This wig may last 2-3 weeks with excellent wig care.

PROS: Very full, soft, gorgeous curl/wave pattern, drawstring, snug fit, nice soft hilights (if colored), versitile, didn't notice much shedding.

CONS: Frizzes up, tangles at the nap, hair tangles may be too long (discretion)

Rating: 9

Monday, July 18, 2011

Vivica Fox FHW145-V Half Wig


This wig was sent to me from the Vivica Fox Hair Collection. You can purchase this hair at I received this wig in a color #2. This unit is 26" of bone straight futura hair with supple layering.
After about a month of wear, on and off, this wig is in "okay" condition. If you are someone who wears the same wig day to day, this wig will last you about 2-3 weeks with great wig care.

Pros: Looks very natural, soft texture, looks better with time, very minimal shedding, easily curls with low temp setting..

Cons: Very thin, tangles in nape, with excessive paddle brushing, becomes matted looking, does not last a very long time.

Rating: 5

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Freetress Equal Play Girl Fullcap Drawstring

This wig was purchased from I received this wif in a color #f237, with is a #2 (dark brown) #27 (strawberry blond) and #30 (light auburn) This wig is about 16" of loose curls/waves, with layering.
I haven't got a chance to really wear this wig too much, therefore it is still in "new" condition, but if you are someone who may wear this wig on the day to day bases, this wig might last you about 3-4 weeks, with great wig care.

Pros: Very soft, minimal shedding, minimal tangeling, pretty color, drawstring for perfect fit.

Cons: Grows bigger when finger combed, excessive finger combing causes this unit to look matted, looks a bit bulky.

Rate: 8