Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Model Model Yumi 3/4 Invisible Part Wig

This unit came from Blackhairspray.com I received this unit in a color #2. This unit is approx 12-14" of long straight layers, with a slight bump to the ends. 100% curling iron safe up to 400 degrees. This unit can be worn and styled 2 different ways giving the wearer the opportunity to pull as little, or as much hair out as desired. You have the option of wearing this unit with a side bang, or cut the small attached piece off and being able to add a deep part within the u shaped opened area.

So far I have only worn this piece one time, so it remains in great condition.

*Will Update*

Pros: Lightweight, soft, multiple styles can be achieved, can be curled and straightened, has drawstring for easy fit and alteration.

Cons: Has a synthetic shine, thin, sheds, very silky texture can be difficult to blend natural hair textures into, weft clips can snag hairs if not properly installed.

Rating: 6

**Will update later**

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Freetress Fullcap Drawstring Creta Girl

I picked up this beauty at HairWigHarlem! She has a fluffy, afro type of feel to her. About 16" in length if fully stretched, however sits right against my collar bone. The color I have my unit is in 1b which is pretty standard to any synthetic 1b. It is versatile which can be styled as a ponytail if desired. The fibers are 100% synthetic so it can not be curled. It has the standard long comb in the front and smaller comb in the back.

So as of September 4, 2012 I am still wearing this unit! HOWEVER.....it no longer resembles Kelly Rowland's gorgeous style! It now resembles more of a Tracy Ella Ross, Erykah Badu, Teyana Taylor look. If you do not like big hair, or if you are afraid of big hair, do not consider this! This hair gets HUGE with manipulation! It also last for a long time simply because it seems to look more natural with wear and manipulation! No Lie, I've gotten LOTS of compliments! This hair is also very easy to blend!
This hair will last as long as you like! Its all up to you and your preference! If you like the neat, Kelly Rowland look, it may last you a week or 2 with little to no manipulation, Anything after that will have you wearing an Afro!

PROS: Pretty style, drawstring, natural looking, inexpensive, no synthetic shine, last for a decent amount of time, has lots of body and volume, easy to blend with natural hair, fits nice and snug.

CONS: Tangles a lot, sheds, hair will mat in the nape area, gets really big, frizzes up, drawstring can become tangled with the hair.

Rating: 9

Will I purchase again?
Yes, I already did! I cut out 2 of the tracks in different areas so it doesn't get as huge as it did. I am looking to achieve a more natural look as if I grew it out myself!