Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sassy Secret U-Part Lace Wig

This unit comes from The unit I received is u part lace wig Jamille in a color #1b. This unit is 20". 100% indian remy spanish wave hair that has been processed into a light yaky straight texture.

I have been wearing this unit have for about a week and have received tons of compliments! This hair strongly mimics african american relaxed hair to the "T" So fair I have not noticed any flaws within the hair other then the fact that it may come off looking a bit "fake" due to the texture that has been added for mimic sake. I do look forward to continue wearing this unit pieces!

Pros: Soft, mimics relaxed african american hair, no tangling or matting thus far, easy and quick unit, lays flat giving it a realist appearance, no shedding thus far, and baby hair along the perimeter, giving it a realistic appearance.

Cons: Due to the density that I have received, it comes off looking a bit too thin, the lace aroung the u-part becomes very "flimsy" and can get "tucked" under the actual u-part opening if you're not careful, texture added to mimic african american relaxed hair can come off looking a bit fake like high quality future fibers.

UPDATE: I so far have shampooed and conditioned this unit using my Loreal Power Moisture Hydraulic shampoo and conditioner as well as I ombred the hair. This unit still is in great condition, leading my to believe that there is nothing fake and phony about this hair! Video will be up soon!  

Rate: 8.0

Would I recommend this unit? Yes! It is a bit pricy in my opinion, but you will not be disappointed.

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