Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Model Model Invisible Part 3/4 Wig Yutoya

This unit came from
I have my unit in the color #2 which looks more like a 1b!
The texture of this hair is a course, natural, tight spiral curl. About 12" in length. Very volumous and full however, light weight and breathable.
There is 3 clips. 2 are located on the temple area and 1 is on the crown. There is no combs in the back or drawstring which is strange. Just the adjustable straps however its very large on my head. So make sure to adjust the straps and use bobby pins for extra security.
So far, this unit has gotten really big but not uncontrollable. It looks natural so everyone thinks its in fact my own hair. BUT.....Its tangled A LOT! One thing about Model Model Hair is that no matter what I do, it always seems to tangle quicker than other brands! The nape area is also matted up pretty badly. However, I am still wearing the wig because its not super noticeable.
All in all, I think this wig may last the average wig wearer about 2 weeks if you are trying to maintain a "perfect twist-out" look. After a while it does begin to get bigger and create a different form/shape. So if you don't mind that, it should last about a month. I will update again once I have stop wearing this unit for a more accurate estimate.

PROS: Natural style, comfortable, easy to blend, light weight, nice texture, versatile, gorgeous curls, soft.

CONS: Cap size too big, needs a drawstring or nape comb, tangles a lot, mattes a lot at the nape area, too dark for color specified, has a shiny look to it, doesn't last that long, sheds, gets frizzy.

Rating: 7

Will I purchase this unit again? Hmm...Let me wear it a little longer and I will update. I love the style, but it has a few doosies...


  1. I love it!!! This is a must buy for me! :)

    1. I do, and you were right, the P4/30 that I got matches my hair exactly. It is like a #2. They do say on the site that synthetic hair is darker than human hair. So from your experience and reading that, I opted for the P4/30. I'll do a vid soon.

  2. hey guys i have a quick question for the twin that used the hairfinity vitamin for about 6 months. did you use protective hair styles thru out ur journey or you wore ur hair out @ all times......