Sunday, May 27, 2012

Model Model 3/4 Invisible Part Wig/U-Part Wig Yunessa

Purchased this beauty from one of my favorite online wig shops!
This unit is a 3/4 wig with a U shape area and/or closed 0 area so you can achieve a natural invisible part or closure if you want a bang. This wig is in the color 1b, around 16" long, natural loose curl/tight wave, has 3 clips and 1 long comb, 100% futura fibers so it can be curled or flat ironed at 400 degrees. Coupon Code: NewDiva10 for new shoppers!

So, of course Ive been been rocking this unit sense I got it and I must say......It doesn't last long AT ALL!!! Wore it for about 1 1/2 weeks straight up and it tangled and became very frizzy! I wouldn't say its a bad wig simply because it never became "ragedy" looking! I just prefer the define look over the natural fluffy look. This wig may last the average wig wearer no more than 2 weeks!

PROS: Gorgeous style, U-Part wig style, gorgeous natural curls, true to color, very soft, drawstring for secure fit, snug fit on head, lightweight, confortable, full, nice density, easy to blend.

CONS: Tangles, Frizzes a lot, mattes at nape, mattes to drawstring, my hair gets caught in back combs, sheds, wig starts to detach from cap.

Rating: 7.5

Will I purchase again? Yes simply because it resembles a weave instead of a wig!

Thursday, May 17, 2012 DeepWave Indian Remy Human Hair Lace Front Wig

This unit was sent to me to review from! All opinions and suggestions are 100% honest! If you feel an misunderstanding, please contact me! If you are interested in this or any other unit from their website, please use my coupon code to save $20 "ALICIA" (without quotation marks) Expires June 30, 2012.
I was sent their lace front unit in the color #2, 22" long, deepwave, 100% Indian Remy Human Hair, 130% density, baby hairs around the perimeter, adjustable straps in the back, no combs, light brown swiss lace, natural hairline.

So, Ive been wearing this unit for a little over 3 weeks now! Still going strong! However tangling and shedding is a little over whelming...However, conditioning it made the hair not as tangly so definitely incorporate that into your wig care routine! This wig is still in wearable condition. Will update again once hair is no longer wearable.

PROS: Very soft, gorgeous deep waves, decent fit, soft lace, okay amount of parting space, pretty style, gorgeous #2, great value.

CONS: Sheds a lot, tangles, lace starts to look a little frayed, no combs.

Rating: 8

Will I purchase? Yes, however, I would like to try a different style!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

HairFinity Journey

So, Ive FINALLY started my Hairfinity Journey! I am super excited to see the growth that I will obtain if any! I purchased a 6 month supply on HairFinity's website! I will be updating this blog post periodically as my hair grows! I will also let you all know if I run into any problems with the product!
What the pill looks like?
The pill is your typical silicone/gel coated horseshoe capsule. Easy to swollow because it doesn't dissolve on the tongue right away plus being coated. The pill is quite big like your typical daily multi vitamin! Here is a photo of the pill in my hand.
As far as Side Effects, I have experienced anything but the obvious which was a bit more shedding than usual. However, my shedding has minimized since I started my Garlic/Olive Oil pre-poo and Black Tea Rinse regimen. Since then the shedding has subsided and my hair is growing out even better! For tips on shedding, check out my YouTube Video On Shedding!

So, Here are photos of my hair growth Journey! I will be updating each month, so come back often!