Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Vivica A. Fox Lace Front Wig MASHA

This unit was purchased from I received this unit in a color #2. This lace front wig is approx 16-19" of layered loose curls, with a swoop bang. This unit is a part of the Vivica Fox DEEEP Collection, which gives you about 2 1/2" of parting space, and hand stiched lace from ear to ear, that gives you a more natural appearance to the hairline.. This unit contains 100% futura fibers, that can easily be curled and flat ironed for endless styles.
So, Its been about a month of wear with this unit, on and off. We have a Love/Hate relationship! This wig has a gorgeous style, however, the curls became very frizzy and stringy very quickly! This is definitely one of those pieces that should only be worn for a special occasion! If you plan on wearing this unit as a everyday wig, I wouldn't recommend it! Not only is it very glamorous, but the curls will drop with manipulation and become very frizzy and stringy :-(

PROS: Pretty style, nice fit, bio cap so wig wont start smelling like sweat, stretch paneling for a secure fit, pretty length, decent amount of parting space (2.5")

CONS: Becomes tangle, mattes badly at nape, curls will drop, becomes very frizzy, starts to look stringy, lace hard and itchy, may be too much luster for everyone's liking.

Rating: 7

Will I purchase again: Yes, I love the style, however, I will only wear it for special occasions!


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  2. Do you know where else I can purchase this unit they no longer have it on that website you recommended. Looking to purchase for the holidays!

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