Tuesday, December 4, 2012

GoldenSwish Burmese Bohemian Curl

Finally!!! I had the chance to try out and review some hair that is very similar to mine! This hair was sent to me to review from GoldenSwish.com

This hair is from GoldenSwish's Premium Collection. The Premium collection indicates Virgin Hair which has been processed in a 3 day steaming treatment which gives the hair its gorgeous Bohemian Curl!

The hair Type which I received is the Bohemian Curly in Natural Brown. I received 3 bundles which equals to 300 grams, I have my hair in 18", 16" and 12". 

The hair has a soft course feel, so I recommend Co-washing and spraying a water/conditioner on the hair periodically for a more maintained look. So far, the shedding has been minimal. I will update this with wear. Tangling has been normal/expected with this natural style. When I say tangling, I don't mean globs of hair knotting up. I mean the tangling as in curly afro-like hair which needs to be finger detangled every now and then.

I made my hair into a removable U-Part wig so I can switch up the style as often as needed. I filmed a detailed tutorial on the process. Check Out the video here  http://youtu.be/O9phynFx3aM

**Will Update After Further Wear**

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