Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Creme Of Nature Argan Oil No Lye Relaxer Experience

So this relaxer was sent to me to review from CremeOfNature.com I must say that I was extra excited to give this relaxer a try because of the pleasing outcome I had with the rest of the products from the Argan Oil line Creme Of Nature now offers. In this particular blog, I was approx 3 months post relaxer. Below are pictures of my new growth!


 As you can see from the pictures, I have about an inch of new growth, also my hair hair lacks luster and shine. Again that is why I was so excited to use this relaxer, because argan oil promotes a healthy, exotic shine, which my hair clearly needed!

Below is a listing of each of the relaxers contents and the benefits/my way for usage.


Creme Of Nature Regular Strength Activator
Creme Of Nature No Lye Creme Base
Combining these two products together gives you the obvious chemical straightener, the base has a very pleasant sent that helps mask the strong chemical sent. I find it very important to use gloves while applying this product, as it will damage your hand and nails. If you're like myself and require to "feel" the new growth while applying, try to get someone else to help with this process...Yes, I was Ginny pig, and yes, my hand and nails were damaged for a while lol  

Creme Of Nature Intensive Conditioning Treatment
Creme Of Nature Neutralizing Shampoo
These products should have been reversed in the photo, but you get the point! After the no lye relaxer sat on my new growth for about hmm, lets say 45 mins (please follow the instructions timing guidelines) I rinsed with cool water, then proceeded to shampoo with the neutralizer. I did about 4 washes, which was enough to remove all of the product from my head. The smell of the neutralizing shampoo was very settled, like a kiwi fruity scent, which I liked a whole lot.
After shampoo, I then applied the Intensive Conditioning Treatment to my hair, focusing on my newly relaxed roots and my ends. This conditioner has a very creamy consistency which coats and melts right into the hair. Smell so incredibly nice!! I applied it to my hair, put on my heating cap (which is not required but I did it anyways), for about 45 mins to an hour and allowed it to penetrate deep into my strands. Then I rinsed it out. My hair at that point was like silk, full of shine!

Creme Of Nature Argan Oil Treatment
Creme Of Nature Gloss and Shine Polisher
These two products I find to work GREAT as a heat protector! If I failed to mention the smell of these products...My GOD, they smell soooo nice!! A very warm woody smell that I just cant get enough of!! Not included in this relaxer, but I do HIGHLY recommend, is the Creme Of Nature Strength and Shine Leave in conditioner, I spritzed my damped hair after conditioning with it, then applied the Argan Oil Treatment evenly, focusing mainly on my ends. I then blew dried my hair, and my GOD (sorry if I'm using God as a reference too much) but mannn, my hair was so full of lust and shine! This girl right here, was definitely all smiles! I'm not done yet...lol
After blow drying, I then evenly distributed the gloss and shine polisher throughout my hair, and on a low setting of 350 degrees, I then flat ironed my hair straight. 


The ending result was absolutely beautiful!! I typically go for relaxers that is infused with olive oil, maybe even coconut oil, but by far, my experience with this Creme of Nature Argan Oil No Lye Relaxer has been nothing short of wonderful! The added exotic shine has gave my hair a lasting healthy appearance which has gotten me tons of compliments!
If you prefer not to relax, or are natural, I highly recommend the whole line of Argan Oil products! One uses was enough for me, to give me beautiful healthy looking hair! I was so please, I couldn't help but to share with you all!!!

Pros: I love everything about it!!!
Cons: I wish this product was out years ago lol but besides that, no cons here!

Rating: 10
Will I recommend this product? Yes, and if you read this far, go out and try it for yourself! Well worth it!!        


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  2. How do you open the bottle??? Love the products.