Friday, September 28, 2012

Younique Lace Front Wig With Bangs

So, I got my unit from Younique Lace Wigs!
The unit I have is about 14" long, In the color number 2, Light Yaki Straight Texture, Glueless lace front (style 2), light brown Swiss lace, with a density of 150%, in the cap size small! The feel of the hair is a soft coursey feel which to me feels like natural hair that has been blown out and straightened! Even though the length is 14", it looks more like a 16". The color is very pretty! Brings out the brown in my eyes :-)
 Ive been wearing this hair for just about a month now! Ive been asked if it was my own hair lol, but for the most part, everyone loves the style! The only issue ive ran into was a bit of matting which I suspect may be from the texture as well as blonde strands of hair mixed in with the wig which may be from the color dye not taking properly. Other than that, I'm still wearing this unit as if its my own hair! I will definitely update after I cant wear this hair anymore of if I run into anymore problems!

 PROS: Realistic look, great length, soft natural texture, no wig hump, curls nicely, nice color, decent fit, soft lace.

 CONS: Blonde strands through out the unit, Matting, a bit of tangling.

 Rating: 8

Will I purchase again? Definitely! Doesn't give me the fake heavy Nicki Minaj Look like most bang styles! Very natural and covers up my 5 head lol!


  1. You look so beautiful with this wig. The bangs is very pretty. I will try the lace wig as you mentioned as well. Hope to see your new pictures soon.

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