Sunday, May 27, 2012

Model Model 3/4 Invisible Part Wig/U-Part Wig Yunessa

Purchased this beauty from one of my favorite online wig shops!
This unit is a 3/4 wig with a U shape area and/or closed 0 area so you can achieve a natural invisible part or closure if you want a bang. This wig is in the color 1b, around 16" long, natural loose curl/tight wave, has 3 clips and 1 long comb, 100% futura fibers so it can be curled or flat ironed at 400 degrees. Coupon Code: NewDiva10 for new shoppers!

So, of course Ive been been rocking this unit sense I got it and I must say......It doesn't last long AT ALL!!! Wore it for about 1 1/2 weeks straight up and it tangled and became very frizzy! I wouldn't say its a bad wig simply because it never became "ragedy" looking! I just prefer the define look over the natural fluffy look. This wig may last the average wig wearer no more than 2 weeks!

PROS: Gorgeous style, U-Part wig style, gorgeous natural curls, true to color, very soft, drawstring for secure fit, snug fit on head, lightweight, confortable, full, nice density, easy to blend.

CONS: Tangles, Frizzes a lot, mattes at nape, mattes to drawstring, my hair gets caught in back combs, sheds, wig starts to detach from cap.

Rating: 7.5

Will I purchase again? Yes simply because it resembles a weave instead of a wig!


  1. How did u blend in ur haur with that?

  2. Thanks so much for the wonderful info. U r beautiful young ladies and smart!