Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Sensationnel Instant Weave HZ-7075

This unit is from hairwigharlem.com I got this unit in a color #2. This unit is a half wig that is approx 14" of loose deep curls, synthetic fibers that can be curled up to 360 degrees.
I wore this unit a few times, and as you can tell from my video review, Im not feeling this one. I managed to try to wear it a little more often, and sadly, not feeling her. It seems like a unit that has potential to last a long time, but I just cant seem to make it work for me.

Pros: Soft, natural healthy luster, can be curled, haven't noticed any sudden tangling or shedding.

Cons: Seems to have been defective upon receiving, oversized cap, made the unit look a bit bulky, hair becomes "flat and stringy" to more the unit is manipulated or finger combed, looks nothing like the package photo.

Rating: 2
Will I purchase HZ-7075 again?? NO!!

**Updated after 2 weeks of wear**