Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Sensationnel HZ-U010

I purchased this wig from I received this wig in color #4. The length is about 6" of tight, cork screw, kinky curls. I began wearing this wig in Spring 2010. With non continuous wear and moderate wig care, this wig is still in good condition from a natural stand point. If you are somebody who wears the same wig everyday, this wig may last 1-2 months with great wig care.

PROS: Very natural, true to color, versatile, nice fit, soft texture.

CONS: Very LONG combs, tends to get frizzy, tangles a bit, sheds.

Rating: 8.5


  1. Wil it fit better if you cut a lil bit of the wig to make the mohawk?

  2. Yes! It all depends on your preference. I would definitely trim the hair so its not as full and heavy!

  3. I am going to try your fro hawk from the Natural Hair Parade Hosted by Erykah Badu in Dallas. My name is Nikki Crawford and I own 3 Sister's Beauty Supply in Plano, TX. Check out my post on my facebook with your video for the Fro Hawk. Wish me luck!!

  4. can u get the same/simple look with another type of curly hair???