Wednesday, June 9, 2010

It's A Wig Angela Half Wig

I purchased this wig from I received this wig in color #2. Length is about 20" of soft waves and spiral curls with light layering. I purchased this wig in mid June 2010. With non continuous wear and great wig care, this wig is still in good condition and may last about 1 month. If you are someone who wears the same wig often, this wig may last about 2-3 weeks with great wig care.

PROS: Soft texture, pretty length, snug fit, decent size combs, comfortable, beautiful loose curls, minimal tangling.

CONS: Frizzes a lot, sheds, color runs dark, matting at the nape, curls drop after finger combing, texture changes after finger combing synthetic shine.

Rating: 7.0

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