Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Isis Collection Red Carpet TP-13

I was given this wig from The I received this wig in the color #1B. The wig length is about 10" straight with no layers. I began wearing this wig in May 2010. With non continuous wear and great wig care, this wig ls still is good condition. If you are someone who wears the same wig everyday, this wig may last about 2-4 weeks with great wig care.

PROS: Light weight, snug fit, drawstring/ponytail capability, soft, decent length, runs true to color, natural look.

CONS: Shiny, sheds, frizzes, tangles, over sized drawstring/elastic string which sticks out in the front of the wig unless its pulled very tight, stringy, has experienced a bit of matting in the nape area.

Rating: 5.5

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