Friday, April 6, 2012

Isis Collection Red Carpet Premier Yaky Weave

This weaving hair was sent to me to review from Isis Collection. I received this hair in a color number 1 and 1b. The length of this hair is 16-18" of layered, yaky straight human hair.

I used 2 full packs of hair to make an "U" Part wig unit, thus leaving my hair out around about the parting area.

I am extremely particular when it come to longevity and maintenance of hair, and I am very much pleased with the quality of this Isis Collection hair.
After using this hair to construct my U part wig, I begun wearing it, mid February. With great maintenance, co washes and hair care, this hair has lasted me approx 2 months of continuous wear. My recommendation is to try very hard to avoid getting product onto the hair other than holding spray, it can make the hair look stringy, clingy and dirty as with all extension hair. Also, 3 packs of hair is recommended if you desire a more "fuller" appearance.

Pros: Very soft, natural shine and luster, easy to untangle, minimal shedding to be expected, very flow-ee and has body and movement.

Cons: Does NOT hold a curl, the longer the hair, the thinner it becomes, noticed excessive pieces of colored thread through out the wefts.

All in all, my experience with this hair has been pretty good! The quality is much like remy hair, but reasonably priced. I would indeed recommend it!

Rating: 8.0


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  2. I have recently purchased this hair. Is there any products or tips that you have while I have the hair installed?

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  4. Girl, you look amazing! Have you ever had a weave before? Im trying to see what other people think about the yaky weave. I want my hair to be fabulous like yours!