Friday, April 13, 2012

Classy Signature Virgin Malaysian Remi French Wave Weave

This hair was purchased from This hair is 100% Virgin Malaysian Remi weaving hair in the style french wave, which is similar to a loose deep wave pattern. I picked up this hair in a color #2 which is a natural brown color. I constructed a U Part wig using this hair (check out my video if you're interested in seeing how I made this wig) multiple lengths were used ranging from 12-14" and 14-16". 3.5 packages of hair were used to create my style.

This hair has a fairly simple grade of maintainance! All I do is comb the hair with a wide tooth comb, then spray with water to help revert the waves and tame the frizz. I did run into a issue with the ends being a bit dry and dead looking, but with the help of Google (Lol) I came to realize that the cuticles may be particially detached and/or facing in the oppisite direction. With a little argon moroccan oil, it can help fix that problem, I just ended up clipping the ends eventually.

Ive flat ironed a small section of the hair to see how well it will go straight, and I couldnt get it as straight as I wanted it to be, it was more like a loose body wave when I got done with it. I plan on buying some sort of silkening treatment and retry to get straight results. Ill be sure to post pictures of my results from that.

The wefts on this hair are pretty sturdy! So sturdy that I coundnt use a standard curved needle to go through the tracks, that basically ensured me that any shedding would be very minimal, which thus fan had proven a point other then first time uses with the hair.

So far Ive yet to wash the hair, as I didnt want to effect the overall apperance of the hair, I plan on washing it after I flat ironed the hair, to see how well the hair reverts back to its original wave pattern and overall texture.


Pros: Soft, easy managable, minimal shedding, strong health sheen, naturally reverts waves upon wetting, low maintainance.

Cons: Shedds a lot upon first time uses, tangles at nape, dead ends, may not be 100% virgin hair, frizzes after breifly combing.

Rating: 6.0


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  2. Great job on making the wig. I will wait for the review vid. I am curious to know if it tangles.

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