Sunday, January 29, 2012

Freetress Invisible Part Lace Front Wig Vanessa

Purchased this unit from DivaTress
I have my unit in the color #1b. This unit is 100% futura fibers so it can be curled or straightened up to 400 degrees. The length is around 20-24", loose curl/wave at the top and spiral curls at the bottom. It also has lots of layering throughout the unit and bangs. About 3-4" of parting space in the designated area and around 2" of parting space ear to ear. The lace is the standard "hard" synthetic french lace with baby hair arounfd the perimeter. In the video, I didn't mention that this DOES come with the extra lace that needs to be cut off unlike some of the Invisible Part Series.
So, Ive been wearing this unit for some time now, and it is still in good condition! However, I do take excellent care of my units! I wore this on and off. If you are someone who wears your units often to everyday, this 'may' last you 2-3 weeks!

PROS: Very pretty style, good amount of parting space in area, snug fit, decent hairline, nice length and curls, no synthetic shine, didn't notice a lot of shedding, can be worn up, versitle.

CONS: Tangles a lot, curls will bunch together if not fingercombed regularly, mattes at nape, lace itchy, can't part anywhere only on the right side.

Rating: 8

Will I purchase again? Sure, I really like this style a lot as well as the parting space! 


  1. Question I need to wear a certain style for a wedding. Do u think this wig wld straighten out well enough to put some big loose old hollywood style waves in?

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