Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Vivica Fox Deeep Lace Front Wig Rachel

This unit was purchased from HairWigHarlem.com.
This wig is around 16" long, in the color 1b, nice loose body curls, with a side swipe bang, futura fibers so it can be curled up t0 300 degrees.
Ive been wearing this unit periodically for the last 2 weeks. As of today, November 8, 2011 it is still in wearable condition. This wig may last you 2-4 weeks with excellent wig care.

PROS: Very cute fall style, Nice legnth, gorgeous curls, decent amount of parting space, nice hair quality, soft.

CONS: Slight synthetic shine, designated parting space, very cone headish, unrealistic hairline, stringy, tangles, mattes at nape, colors runs very dark, fits very small.

Rating: 6

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