Tuesday, November 8, 2011

RPGShow ELS-131-S Glueless Full Lace Wig

This wig was sent to me for review at RPGShow.com.
I received my unit in the color # 1b, in silky straight (non yaki), light brown lace, glueless cap, human remy, cap size 1.
I wore this unit continuosly and the hair is still in excellent condition as of November 8, 2011! I am sure this unit will last quite a long time simply due to the fact the the construction is very good and the quality of the hair is human remy.

PROS: Can be parted any and everywhere, Can be worn without adhering it down, very soft, easy to style, decent density, minimal tangling, soft lace.

CONS: Caps size fit a little too big, color too light (1b resembled a 4), lots of flyaways, frizzes, hair mattes together unless brushed, smelled like chemicals, sheds, becomes stringy looking, ends start looking ratty after heat was applied.

Rating: 8

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