Saturday, June 4, 2011

Freetress Equal Lace Front Cleo

This wig was purchased from I received this wig in a color #2. It is about 14-16 inches of loose body waves. This unit features 100% flat iron safe futura fibers, baby hairs located in the front and rear of the wig, making it easy to wear an updo style and a natural hairline. This unit allows you approx 1 inch of parting space.
I haven't got a chance to wear this wig too much, therefore it is still in "new" condition, but of you are someone who wears the same wig continuously, this wig may last you about 1-2 months with great wig care.

Pros: Very soft, true to color, minimal shedding, minimal tangeling, has a natural/not too shiny look.

Cons: Doesn't look too much like the picture, seems a bit flat unless "played" with, not a whoe lot of parting space to create a realistic looking style.

Rate: 4 (Not my fav, but you might like her)

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  1. you look great with that wig! nice!

    The Confessant