Thursday, May 27, 2010

Zury Ultra Yaki Human Micro Braiding Hair

I purchased this hair at my local beauty supply shop. I received this hair in colors #2 (sides and back) and #33 (just on top). 100% human permed yaki micro braiding hair. Length is 18". I started wearing this hair early winter 2008-2009. With continuous wear, this hair lasted for about 3 months (We'll this is the amount of time I had these braids in my hair) with monthly salon care. This hair will last anyone 1-4 months with PROPER salon or home maintenance.

PROS: Great price, great quality, last's a long time, can be curled or straitened, very soft, vibrant colors.

CONS: Textured started to change after washing a few times, has a light odor.

Rating: 9

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