Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Outre Jewelry Half Wig

This wig was purchased from Hairsisters.com. I received it in a color #4. 100% synthetic fibers. Length is about 16" with a loose wave/curl. I started wearing this wig in late October. With non continuous wear and great care, this wig lasted for about a month and a half. If you are somebody who wears the same wig everyday, this wig may last you 2-4 weeks with moderate wig care.

PROS: Nice style, nice length, easy to blend, adjustable straps, very soft, true to color, minimal shedding.

CONS: Longer combs, tangling, matted at nape, color a bit shiny, cap may fit slightly loose.

Rating: 8


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  2. She kept her hair color the same for years and of course someone with her budget had several back up wigs to choose from when one completed its life span. synthetic lace front wigs