Friday, December 23, 2011

Freetress Equal Scarlett

I purchased this hair from

My unit is in the color #2. It is around 20-22" long, loose spiral curl, layers. This unit has about 2 1/2-3" of parting space ear to ear.
I wore this wig non stop!!! This wig wig last you around 2-4 weeks depending how you care for your unit. I take good care of mines so it lasted about 3 weeks.

PROS: Gorgeous style, very soft, excellent looking hairline, decent amount of parting space, no synthetic shine, pretty curls, minimal shedding, true to color, snug fit, received lots of complements, realistic looking.

CONS: A bit thin, tangles, mattes at nape, too long, a little too bouncy, unless paddled brushed the curls will bunch up together.

Rating: 9

Will I purchase again: Absolutely! Love this unit!


  1. love this gorgeous wig
    just bought one myself
    ok please tell me does it hold up well when you sleep and wash it and can you go through airport security without the metal detector beeping and going off?

    u look smoking!