Sunday, January 2, 2011

MilkyWay Indian Loose Deep Wet & Wavy Weaving Hair

This hair was sent to me from I received this hair in a color #2. The hair I used is 12 and 14" in length of loose deep curls, made into a quick weave wig. I began wearing this hair early January, and with non continuous wear, this hair lasted me about 1 month with great hair care. If you are someone who plan on having this hair installed, you could get more uses out of this hair if you take precautions on what you put into this hair. Only put water onto it!

PROS: Very soft, can be straightened, and will return back to its wavy style with water, true to color, durable

CONS: Didn't last me a long time, sheds, became stiff after a few washes, tangles and mattes.



  1. I know this hair was given to you, but have you purchased anything from

  2. Hi u guys do with your hair. Can you do another tutorial onquick. Weave again?

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