Monday, September 20, 2010

SimiWeave Dee Left Part Human Hair

I purchased this wig from in the color #4 however, I did dye the color. This wig is 100% human hair, Yaki texture, 12" long, straight with no layers. This hairstyle mimics a bob however, doesn't completely look like it. I started wearing this wig in Mid September 2010 and with a few moments of wear I couldn't deal with it. If you are someone who enjoys this type of texture, it may last you 2-3 weeks with non continuous wear. If you are someone who wear the same wig often, this may not be for you.

PROS: Good concept, great for those who are natural.

CONS: Weft clips pull at edges, painful taking the wig off, cap extremely over sized and bulky, poor construction, hair texture is very hard, color is off, cut is horrible, over priced.

Rating: 2

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