Thursday, March 17, 2011

FairWeather Faces Brushes and Face Chart Set Overview

Okay you guys...I was given the opportunity to try out these brushes from the FairWeather Faces collection! First off, right out the pack, I was amazed how nice these brushes looked! I was also amazed on how SOFT these brushes felt. I was like..."Dang, these are HOTT!!!" But anyway, the most important thing is...Quality!
Now, I did run into a little something something that kind of disappointed me a bit...In the Color Coded Mini Brush Kit, the eyeshadow brush that is color coded in the green and blue, head fell off...It was actually very loose when I opened my package and eventually fell off :-( Not exactly sure if this was a result due to the whole postal and handling system, or the fact that my neighbors had it for a few days, but the package was a little dented and the head was off. Also, the powder brush which is color coded in yellow was a little loose as well. I'm not sure what happened, but after washing the powder brush, it actually pieced itself back together. It is no longer loose. But as for the eyeshadow brush, I may have to add some glue to this one...A little disappointed with that. But on a good note, the Professional Brush set is VERY high quality! Definitely competition with other high end makeup brushes. However, I didn't find any of them to be dupes, which is great in my opinion!
I can't wait to try out the brushes as well as create a look using the face chart that was given to me. By then, I will be able to update you guys on my feelings about these brushes and face charts. Really excited!

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